TODAY   |  June 09, 2013

P&G, Ragu honored for best ads of the year

Matt Miller, from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, chats with the TODAY anchors about some of the funniest and most poignant commercials from 2012.

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>>> tv or online, the commercials are everywhere. we're actually choosing to watch. some are better than others. like this one, which debuted during the olympics. it walked away with top honors.

>> matt miller is the group's ceo and producer. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we know humor works. we see a lot in the super bowl ads . that particular p&g ad went to the hearts. let's play a few seconds, and then we'll talk about it. this ad had members of our staff in tears. it's so sweet. the mothers, taking their kids out to practice, and then we see them in the olympics. is this part of a trend now, to go back to the heartstrings?

>> well, marketers have designificants they can make and options at their disposal. going with a director like alejandro anuroto who is celebrated for his sort of emotional and almost dark work that he's done for many films, but a big filmmaker with this sort of epic ideas and styles, that's a decision that was made to actually tell a story much different than the humor that you're talking about.

>> speaking of humor, though, a little bit of humor in the next one, which won the copyrighting category. it was the jingle that captured a lot of people's attention. let's take a look.

>> let me just -- wait, come here. you spit on your hand to clean off his face just to recap you put spit on his face he needs rag goo

>> so we all laughed a little bit. why does this ad work so well?

>> well, it worked -- this is a brand that's been around forever. they really brought it back in a way using some irreverent humor, and all of them have sort of this jingle-style copyrighting that brings you back to what a hard day a kid can really have, and bring you around to what's the best way to award the kids. you know, ragu.

>> spaghetti dinner.

>> i'm a big sports fan. espn has done a wonderful job with their brand, with their commercials. they have one out now with michael jordan . not the michael jordan you're thinking of. let's take a look, and then we'll talk about it.

>> checking in.

>> name, please.

>> michael jordan .

>> oh.

>> michael jordan , 8:00.

>> oh.

>> that's me.

>> oh.

>> no.

>> oh, man. [ laughter ]

>> what did espn do right with this one?

>> they have so many things that are great with using athletes and using humor throughout the years. they just nailed this so well, because we all get the joke, right? still, the most famous athlete in the world. and you think about it, you say, wow, what must it be like to be him.

>> right.

>> imagine just having his name.

>> yeah.

>> the simple, basic concept.

>> and they really brought it each and every way --

>> sure. absolutely.

>> and the next one is from a start-up company -- this has only been seen online by about 10 million people. it's the dollar shave club. and take a look at it.

>> now, lubricating strip and a pivot head. it's so gentle, a toddler could use it. do you like spending $20 a month on brand-name razors? 19 go to roger federer . i'm good at tennis. and you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back-scratcher and ten blades? your grandfather had one blade.

>> -- make an ad at this point and put it online?

>> you could. this guy, he's actually the ceo and founder of the company. he also has a background in improv acting, and he's also from the advertising industry.

>> okay.

>> so he had a few --

>> those caveats.

>> legs up on -- and it does tell you the power of the internet and the power of connecting with the consumer. he got 12,000 subscribers in the first day he was online.

>> wow.

>> and now he has had over 10 million hits. he's off now with new products and offshoots to the company. but he's showing that there is a new way to build -- build a company, build an idea, and taking on the big companies like gillette and schick and other people and --

>> and he's getting a lot of play. and we're talking about it on the "today" show, so not too shabby.

>> great to see you. thanks again.

>> great to be here.