TODAY   |  June 09, 2013

More death?! 'Thrones' fans brace for finale

Fans are collectively holding their breaths for the season finale of HBO's "Game of Thrones," which NBC's Mark Potter reports left many in agony last week after a shocking plot twist.

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>>> even if you've never watched game of thrones on hbo , you've probably heard about it. especially this week. this is spoiler alert time. if you haven't seen last week's episode, i can't believe you haven't seen it. also hit the mute button now.

>> in that one, a shocking plot twist -- lester and jenna are still recovering. as mark potter reports, the daring storylines are part of what makes game of thrones one of tv's hottest shows.

>> show them how it feels to lose what they love.

>> for fans of game of thrones who await the season finale tonight, the question is, how in the world do you beat last week? the reaction to the bloody red wedding scene where beloved major characters were killed off is still reverberating.

>> oh, my god.

>> mix of outrage, sadness, loss and a thirst for more. social media lit up after the episode. one wrote, george rr martin likes to give kids lollipops and take them away to make them cry. for good measure, he bee heads their parents.

>> i want to go for the really strong emotion.

>> george rr martin is the best selling author of the books that inspired the hbo series.

>> i want you to be involved. i want to make characters who are so real to you that when they die, it's like your mother died or your dog got run over by a truck. they really do feel it profoundly.

>> in just three years, game of thrones has become hbo 's most popular series. even inspiring this parody by jimmy fallon .

>> i am jimaris. i shall ride my tae cups across the sky to victory.

>> what is drawing so many to this graphically violent series set in a dark medieval fantasy world?

>> you're seeing something on tv that is not anywhere else in terms of scope and scale.

>> with more than 5 million watching last sunday and likely far more tonight, it's bigger, badder and bloodier than any other show on tv and it appears we like it that way. for "today," mark potter , nbc news, los angeles .