TODAY   |  June 09, 2013

Have leftovers? There's an app for that

TODAY's digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong tells TODAY's Lester Holt about three new tech trends, including an app that helps you find recipes for whatever's left in your refrigerator.

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>>> this morning we've got another round of mario's top three. the digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong has tracked down what you need to know in social media , apps, et cetera .

>>> a very important warning for facebook users and has to do with hackers getting into our bank accounts .

>> it's called zeus. it's a piece of malware, software, it's been out for a long time. unfortunately, it's being passed a lot through facebook now. if you click on this link, it will download this software into your computer and it will wait for you to log into your bank account . when it does, it activates. capturing your user name and password. you want to make sure you're aware of it, number one. but a couple of quick tips people want to know. if you think you have this malware, go to facebook . they have a help center to scan your computer. that's number one. number two, make sure your eye v virus is up to date. number three, don't click on president links that look skeptical or suspiciousment.

>> get in there and change your password.

>> right away. that's the first thing they tell you on the help center as well.

>>> let's talk about something more appetizing. you've got a new app that helps you put leftovers -- explain this.

>> it's a foodie and nonfoodies apps. it it's called big oven. had has over 250,000 recipes. you can use it in your kindle, apple devices.

>> i've got leftovers in the refrigerator. leftover turkey and celery.

>> whatever it is. you can go to the app and pick three items. it will show you recipes that you can use those leftovers with. it helps you save food. come up with new ideas of things that you can actually make from that list. pretty cool

>> it's a great idea. couldn't help but notice you're next to an ipad standing.

>> couldn't notice that.

>> that's a roll of toilet paper there. i'll let you explain it.

>> you will? you love your ipad, right?

>> of course, i do.

>> you take it in the bathroom, don't you?

>> this is getting personal. what i do in my bathroom is my business.

>> except for your family. 75% of people have said in a survey that they go into their bathroom with their mobile device . so this is replacing the newspapers and the magazines. an ipad stand. it's called the commode carrier. there's a stand for it. your toilet paper is here. flexible goose neck here.

>> i'm thinking you wouldn't want to skype on it. i'm just putting it out there.

>> folks at home, if you're thinking about that, do not skype on this. not a good idea. it's about 90 bucks at ham kerr slemer.

>> for the father who has everything, he probably doesn't have this.

>> 75% of people use their mobile devices . one of the guys here, i'm not saying who, told me he plays words with friends while on the toilet.

>> and dave told me she doesn't like the newspapers and magazines. she doesn't like the newspapers.