TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Shake it up! Try 3 summer milkshakes

Edward Marc Chocolatier’s grandchildren show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make a few tasty treats, including a crunchy milkshake with popcorn and a fruity shake with salted watermelon.

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>>> we are really shaking things up on today's kitchen. what's cooking with the perfect refreshing treat for summer. creamy and cold milkshakes made with and without milk.

>> here with creative recipes are the owners of both pittsburgh's milkshake factory and edwards shake factory. they are the edwards siblings.

>> and you are celebrating a birthday and just had a baby.

>> congratulations all around.

>> what are we making?

>> in honor of baseball season, we are going to do the ballpark crunches, one of the hottest shakes at the milkshake factory in pittsburgh.

>> what do we do?

>> we start out with really good vanilla ice cream. it makes a difference, quality is what you want. we're going to start with eight ounces of vanilla ice cream.

>> which is how many scoops is that in.

>> about two scoops.

>> you're welcome. about.

>> about two scoops in there. and then we're going to add a little bit of milk in there.

>> we add a little bit after that. and in this shake, we do, it's basically a carmel popcorn.

>> who doesn't love that.

>> if you want to add some of that. caramel sauce in there. and put some caramel popcorn in there. and this is peanut taoffee.

>> are you guys require dodd give caloric.

>> we're not going to do that.

>> don't move to new york, you'll have to.

>> we use a milkshake blender, because it doesn't take the air out. that's what we do at the milkshake factory.

>> how many years has your family been in the business?

>> for 99 years.

>> you blend it up. and this is what you get right here. your caramel popcorn shake.

>> i would drink it but there's milk in it. is it crazy?

>> it's crazy. i hate it because it's so good.

>> come on down to birthday girl what are we making here?

>> our lemonberry poundcake. we made you one.

>> you made me one?

>> yes.

>> we start with premium ice cream , vanilla ice cream and are going to do lemon scheherbet.

>> or sorbet, that you can have.

>> we add a little bit of our lemon syrup. pound cake and crushed berries.

>> you can find it at any store of course and of course we're going to spike it up with a little bit of chamborg. and we're going to blend it together. on the blender, when you use a blender at home. you pulse it?

>> you're on the lowest setting. just like the milkshake mixer, we keep a lot of air in it. that's our lemonberry pound cake .

>> mine's delicious. i love it through the straw.

>> delicious, delicious.

>> we're going back downstairs to you, sir.

>> we're making this is a hoda shake. this is 100% dairy free.

>> yes.

>> we're doing a salted watermelon shake. we put watermelon sorbet. we're going to add in a little extra watermelon sorbet into this. and then we're going to -- yeah, the watermelon . the watermelon is a really mild flavor. so we're going to beef it up with some watermelon puree and add that in there. and then we're going to add in everyone's favorite a little watermelon vodka.

>> is there such a thing?

>> nobody told us!

>> we're going to do a pinch of sea salt in there as well. and the club soda .

>> i'm on that.

>> don't you worry.

>> we're going try this.

>> and we'll blend this up.

>> you guys, perfect.

>> you garnish it with a little bit of chocolate chips .

>> that's so refreshing. that's great.

>> we are about to shake things up.

>> a different way with a