TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

5 solutions for cellphone-related health problems

Suffer from skin breakouts or neck pains due to your cellphone? Leah Wyar from Cosmopolitan magazine offers smart and simple solutions.

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>>> time to clean up your act. when it comes to talking on your cell phone . which is why i try not to talk on my cell phone .

>> from squinting to read your text to hoeding the phone against your cheek, you can wreak havoc on your face.

>> here with solutions is cosmopolit cosmopolitan's beauty director, leah walter, she's gorgeous.

>> i know there are a lot of germs and stuff on my cell phone . but you don't really think of what that does to your skin when it's pressed up against to your face like that.

>> it's in the gross bags and it all goes straight to the face.

>> in fact the dermatologists are now calling this area, the temple to the chin, the phone zone. it's the break-out prone area now.

>> so what's the best thing to do?

>> the ear buds, speaker phone, the bluetooth. and give your phone a bath ever are i day if you can.

>> with what?

>> wet ones or dry wipes that are infused with anti-bacterial properties that can you wipe and sanitize your phone.

>> dot wet ones hurt your phone?

>> not really. you don't want to soak it.

>> what do you want to do with your face?

>> benzoyle peroxide.

>> and this one is from neutrogena, to keep the pores clear.

>> there's nothing that neutrogena doesn't do right. they have great products.

>> squinting is another problem because the screens are so small. they're causing crow's feet and the 11 lines.

>> what are the 11 lines?

>> the vertical lines between the brow. and the deeper wrinkles in your 30s to 50s, they're getting deeper. so make sure you're increasing your phone's brightness, easier to read and the font size .

>> that's why people should get a jitterbug phone.

>> i think i'm going to get one. i'm going to mix it up and get a jitterbug phone.

>> this will keep the muscles from moving as much.

>> is that olay?

>> yes.

>> and a new thing that the derms are calling now, text neck. like turkey neck , but a younger age.

>> what do you do had.

>> hold your phone a little more to an eye level instead of going down like that. that's what's causing it. the collagen is breaking down if all of those movements.

>> another reason. another reason, hoda.

>> face lotions like this one from olay double the collagen.

>> you've got a minute, sweetie.

>> when the phone you're talking, it gets hot on your face, it produces brown spots because it's almost like a reaction to the sun.

>> this is awful.

>> so what do you do?

>> get the plug-in. and also brightening ingredients like vitamin c and licorice extract is great. and at nighttime, you can't bear to not check the last text. the blue light going to prevent you from going to sleep, because of the melatonin.

>> so wear your little screens to prevent, that block the blue light . you can put these right over the iphones and also you want to use the invert colors feature on the settings. it turns the phone black. so that there's not as much blue light coming in.

>> i'm learning so much.

>> and wear your little --

>> and you put this on.