TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Bobbie Thomas shows off hip new hair accessories

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas highlights three new products for sexy summer hair, including an air curler for perfect waves and a brush curler with a detachable handle.

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>> we are leaving today. i promise i'll be off. i can't resist leaving you alone.

>> are you mad at me?

>> no, why?

>> because i wore white and apparently it was offensive to people?

>> no!

>> first of all -- it was --

>> she said to people the last couple of weeks. miracle, hoda is on the air.

>> no, it was ecru and it wasn't like bright white and it was a summer dress, so no, and i think those rules, we didn't follow many of the rules for our wedding, either. i love you more than anything. so i have a bunch of really cool things. i've come across this week. this might be my favorite thing this year. it's called the quick and curl and when you go to a salon to get a blow-out from a professional. they leave the brushes in all over your hair sticking out because your hair needs to cool. this allows you to just click off the handle. can you guys see that? if you get an up-close shot. you literally just click the handle off and leave the brush part in and you don't have all of those medusa things sticking out. and the next thing is kind of a weird-looking contraption and marina is going to help me model this. this is called the air curler. don't be afraid. what's great about this. if you turn a little bit to camera. if your hair is damp it works best and obviously you need medium to long hair. and --

>> it isolates it?

>> it will isolate it. it starts to twist in the funnel. it was working really well earlier. when your hair is wet, it will dry your hair -- there it goes. and if the hair is damp, it holds it down. but you can already see how it gives it a nice curl. this is two in one.

>> so clever.

>> sarah, one more, at the wedding we got a lot of facebook fans asking about how i got the bejewelled headband and all that. i worn wore from christie lauren backwards. i put my hair up. i had put my hair up and supported it this way. but something that everybody can use to get the volume is this new thing from bombshell beauty. it looks a little weird. but it's cool because it has this hole in the middle. when you put it through, you put a piece of your hair through it you don't have to do the teasing that will break your hair and a lot of people don't know how to do it like a professional. it looks like a yarmulke a little bit. you pull your hair over and clip it and they have colors to match your hair and you get that great little bridget bardot look. it gives you extra volume without having to put all the extra teasing in your hair.

>> we love you, have an awesome time. give michael our love.

>> thank you, everybody for all the nice comments.