TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Jeffrey Donovan: ‘Burn Notice’ ending ‘bittersweet’

Actor Jeffrey Donovan from USA Network’s “Burn Notice” tells Kathie Lee and Hoda it’s bittersweet to see the show come to end, but he looks forward to spending more time with his 7-month-old daughter and working on other projects.

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>>> not since " miami vice " has there been a show this hot in the city . it's the usa spy drama, " burn notice " and with it comes a steamy star, actor jeffrey donovan , who happens to be a brand new dad. we'll try to get him to talk about the show.

>> after being handed his walking papers, aka, his burn notice , jeffrey's character can't seem to stay out of the game. which has his mother very worried about her little boy . take a look.

>> you could blow my cover.

>> i'm so sorry, michael. you got to talk to sam and jesse.

>> i can't talk to anyone else.

>> why did i get a private call.

>> because you're calling people about me and you have to stop.

>> i just wanted to know if you were alive. is that too much to ask?

>> yes, it's too much to ask. you can't call, you can't write, you have to wait for me to come back.

>> wow.

>> and i thought cody and i had problems. it makes me feel so much better.

>> i felt very bad yelling at each other. it's sharon gless .

>> she's an actress who can take it.

>> i love her so much.

>> we have to talk about the little one, first.

>> can you show us a picture?

>> oh! we were dying.

>> she's seven months. and --

>> has she changed her life?

>> i have a saying, she fortifies your life. it's an amazing feeling. that you, she's completely dependant upon you and -- my wife michelle. but i was just saying, you put her down and in the first month, they don't move, really. second month, they kind of like. well now i put her down and i turn and whoops, you're gone. you've gotten off the table and are making me breakfast.

>> it does seem like that, that fast.

>> does this make the end, this is the last season of " burn notice " and it's been a long-running series. does it make it kind of bittersweet in a way, i guess?

>> it's bittersweet. we also knew that there was going to be, it had to be an end to this show. because " burn notice " is about a spy who gets fired. eventually he has to get reinstated or --

>> employment.

>> he can't have a pink slip the entire series. so the end of the series will be 111 shows and the longest-running matching " miami vice " in florida.

>> didn't you direct the 100th episode?

>> yes. that clip was from the 100th episode.

>> that wasn't the first time you directed an episode?

>> no, my third. and to do the 100th, obviously it's a big honor but you're nervous when you walk on set.

>> you know everybody --

>> you don't want to let anybody down.

>> and did you?

>> i let everybody down. hopefully not the fans. i think they're going to be very excited about this episode.

>> you've had a routine for so much of your life with this show. your schedule. are you going to miss that part?

>> i'm going to miss the cast. we've become a family. i'll miss the crew. these guys are sweating out in 100-degree weather every day in miami in the summer.

>> also just having, usa network has been a great network to work for. they've allowed us to create a show the way we wanted to over the years.

>> at cable they allow you to do that a little bit more and that's been kind of a great series.

>> now you're going to be unemployed and you have a little daughter to take care of. what's next for you?

>> i'm developing television, i sold some material that i'm developing with a writer and that's going well. i'm also developing a script about a boxer. named jack dempsey .

>> i've heard of him. and we look a lot alike. so -- i'm developing that for the screen. and --

>> spending some time at home?

>> a lot more time at home with my little one.

>> and your wife, don't forget her. michelle.

>> we're very, very happy for you.

>> congratulations, god bless .

>> thank you.