TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Kathie Lee: Snow White hit on my husband!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about an Alabama senator’s wife who took to Facebook to warn women away from her husband. Kathie Lee recalls a Disney World vacation in which Snow White slipped her husband Frank Gifford her number!

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>>> hey, everybody, it's try-day friday, june 7th , and you know what a try-day can bring -- anything!

>> anything!

>> hope you're going to have an amazing weekend.

>> i think the weekend going to be a very nice one fr a lot of folks.

>> it's not going to be so shabby. sunday night the tony awards will be carried on a different network. they do a lovely job, neil patrick harris is a perfect host. and they'll be doing the emmys.

>> he's the best host around.

>> of anything.

>> a very personal -- attagirl for carol lee carmello, who starred in kathie lee 's show. she is nominated for a tony award . we at "the today show " are so proud of her and we really want her to win.

>> her best lead actress in a musical. and i won't be there, but i will be watching. and we wish her allhe best. just for the loincloth alone, baby.

>> today is a big day , it's national doughnut day . forget the tonys.

>> now i've been telling you about about cronuts.

>> it's national cronut day. so where your cronuts proudly, okay.

>> cronuts.

>> doughnut day.

>> they're a mix between doughnuts and a croissant. now they're a cronut. they sell them in new york. it's crazy, they're selling out in no time.

>> where?

>> in new york city there are lines around the block to get these. you can only buy them six at a time.

>> at what venue?

>> dominique anzell bakery.

>> that's all i wanted to know, hoda.

>> nobody asked me.

>> it's a doughnut and a croissant. they're cooked in grapeseed oil.

>> so they're healthy.

>> uh-huh.

>> lemon. lemon inside. oh, gosh.

>> oh, my god.

>> oh -- let's just live here a moment. you know what it is? perfect.

>> doughnuts are so airy that you eat them and they're gone in ten seconds, these have more texture to it. a little crunchy. anyway, they're --

>> 200 of them sell out in minutes.

>> they go for $5 --

>> $5?

>> well, and they're, but they're scalping them for $40.

>> i'm taking that baby.

>> there were supposed to be two and we only have one.

>> the owner said he will not be making additional cronuts to keep up with the demand. is he not american?

>> he doesn't have the people.

>> i can find a way to produce more just as good. to compromise quality over quantity.

>> i wish you guys could try it.

>> who is he?

>> let's have him on.

>> someone else is going to make these and make a ton of money.

>> you have to love this story.

>> this is a senator in alabama who has a facebook page like a lot of people do. and this senator's wife is in charge of his facebook page, managing it, posting pictures, et cetera , et cetera . here's the senator. his wife is sick and tired , her name is heather, sick and tired of women posting pictures and comments on shadrack's facebook .

>> i love his name, shadrack, meshack and abednigo, an epic story out of the bible.

>> women are posting things about how they want to explore him? things like that. so she said -- i've been silent long enough. no more! she continues, it is a shame that people are so heartless that they i found out about it, i had her -- i did, you don't do that.

>> tell about cinderella that time.

>> no, no white.

>> down at disney world .

>> they girl gave frank her number. snow white . i don't blame her, he's a gorgeous man, but -- what is this world come to?

>> you can't trust your husband with snow white ?

>> what did you do?

>> i just went up to her, i will not stand for that. no.

>> it is terrible. find your own, honey. find your own.

>> there are women who get some kind of a rush. even out of getting the attention from someone else 's spouse. i find when you make, when you make someone else uncomfortable, you should stop. i hate when people do that.

>> what i love the other day, i think it was the "daily news" had a big story about exposing this big prostitution ring out in long island, i think. and a couple of days later, there's the johns, the pictures of them.

>> because usually you see the women.

>> lawyers, doctors. everybody else . you say, yes. it takes two to tango.

>> speaking of tango -- there's a new survey out about sex in the workplace.

>> this is very important.

>> there's nothing going on around here, i'll tell you that.

>> maybe jerry.

>> surveyed people and asked them questions. number one, do you think colleagues at the same company should be allowed to have sex. the answer was yes, overwhelmingly.

>> 85%.

>> i agree with that.

>> you know dating and you're allowed, okay.

>> number two, have you ever had sex with a colleague?

>> more than half of the 2500 people surveyed have had -- have had sex with a co-worker. and, okay. if you have had sex with a co-worker, have you ever done it at the office?

>> i feel sorry for people watching at home.

>> 45% --

>> your cleavage is out.

>> my cronuts are out of control. anyway, we'd love to know what you all think it seems to me very tacky. it seems to me that it's -- it's a waste of a lot of corporate time. somebody's paying you on the job and you shouldn't be -- i guess you can go someplace during your -- lunch break. i don't know, what, jer?

>> for a good time, it's from jerry. it says call me for a good time.

>> that was from me? that's how, that's how cool i am. i get this -- you want me to ca you? jerry, good.

>>> let's move on to weddings. there again every year we do the toilet paper wedding dress . it's fascinating.

>> it's astonishing.

>> come on out.

>> this is the winner.

>> congratulations.

>> this is all made of toilet paper . right? and all sharpen.

>> dell us how you came up with such a great design.

>> my name is mimosa.

>> tell us how you came up with this?

>> i really didn't have a particular way doing it. it's just, i worked as i --

>> how did you get the part that looks like the bodice?

>> i used papier machier. look at that in the back. that's beautiful. gorgeous.

>> well it's inspired by the swans.

>> she sort of look like that in the pictures.

>> what's your name?

>> i'm danielle.

>> danielle, cheap weddings, annual charmin toilet paper wedding dress . congratulations, mimosa.

>>> speaking of weddings, and who hasn't stopped talking about it -- bobbie thomas.

>> bobbie, why aren't you off on your honeymoon?

>> we are leaving today. i promise i'll be off. i can't resist leaving you alone.

>> are you mad at me?

>> no, why?

>> because i wore white and apparently it was offensive to people?

>> no!

>> first of all -- it was --

>> she said to people the last couple of weeks. miracle, hoda is on the air.

>> no, it was ecru and it wasn't like bright white and it was a summer dress , so no, and i think those rules, we didn't follow many of the rules for our wedding, either. i love you more than anything. so i have a bunch of really cool things. i've come across this week. this might be my favorite thing this year. it's called the quick and curl and when you go to a salon to get a blow-out from a professional. they leave the brushes in all over your hair sticking out because your hair needs to cool. this allows you to just click off the handle. can you guys see that? if you get an up-close shot. you literally just click the handle off and leave the brush part in and you don't have all of those medusa things sticking out. and the next thing is kind of a weird-looking contraption and marina is going to help me model this. this is called the air curler. don't be afraid. what's great about this. if you turn a little bit to camera. if your hair is damp it works best and obviously you need medium to long hair. and --

>> it isolates it?

>> it will isolate it. it starts to twist in the funnel. it was working really well earlier. when your hair is wet, it will dry your hair -- there it goes. and if the hair is damp, it holds it down. but you can already see how it gives it a nice curl. this is two in one.

>> so clever.

>> sarah, one more, at the wedding we got a lot of facebook fans asking about how i got the bejewelled headband and all that. i worn wore from christie lauren backwards. i put my hair up. i had put my hair up and supported it this way. but something that everybody can use to get the volume is this new thing from bombshell beauty. it looks a little weird. but it's cool because it has this hole in the middle. when you put it through, you put a piece of your hair through it you don't have to do the teasing that will break your hair and a lot of people don't know how to do it like a professional. it looks like a yarmulke a little bit. you pull your hair over and clip it and they have colors to match your hair and you get that great little bridget bardot look. it gives you extra volume without having to put all the extra teasing in your hair.

>> we love you, have an awesome time. give michael our love.

>> thank you, everybody for all the nice comments.

>>> you know what it's time for?

>> friday funnies!

>>> all right. the joke came from dana blankenship on facebook . i want to thank her for that. an elderly couple is rocking on their porch when suddenly the old man reaches over and slaps her husband, the old woman does. what's that for, he asks? that's for 60 years of bad sex she replies. her husband starts rocking on the porch again and begins to think. after a few minutes he suddenly reaches over and slaps her. what's that for, his wife asks. stunned. he says -- that's for knowing the difference.

>> what?

>> how would you know good sex --

>> oh!

>> you know what, they shouldn't be slapping one another.