TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Life coaches answer women’s questions

Renowned life coaches Valorie Burton, Gabrielle Bernstein and Stefanie Ziev answer women’s questions about how to stand out in the job hunt and how to rejuvenate self-esteem.

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>>> how to land your first job or feeling unfulfilled in retirement you may be asking yourself where do i go from here.

>> sometimes you need a little direction and smart advice to get out of your rut and road to success.

>> we lined up an all-star panel of life coaches to answer your questions and get you on your veigh, valerie burton author of "successful women think differently " and gabriel stevenson" may cause miracles" and stephanie coaches professional clients every day. welcome to you all.

>> good morning.

>> first of all who is the person who might need a life coach?

>> typically someone who has a goal, moving towards a vision but know there will be aobstacles along the way. where am i going.

>> ammanda, she's 20 years old in the same position as a lot of students are. check it out.

>> i've been getting ready to graduate and entering a tough job market . what's the best way that i can separate myself from others and hopefully get that first job?

>> gabrielle, what would you say to amanda?

>> for amanda it's all about being authentic. what people really want these days is to feel your genuine truth come forward in whatever form so whether it's in her resume or a job interview , to be more real, and in my buy joe i write i ride a unicycle and people love to pick that up. something that's really catchy will get someone's attention.

>> and she's building her network, right, stephanie?

>> the other thing is also to take advantage of going out and having some informational interviews. being you is one thing. understanding what a company is looking for, what qualities they're looking for, in the ideal candidate, very important, so you can be curious and tailor make your positioning statement based on the information you received.

>> valerie, this is 67-year-old susan retiree from here in the new york area. let's watch.

>> i know a lot of the baby boomers are now retiring or even forced to retire. how do you find a way to stay fulfilled even though you're no longer out there in the working world?

>> that's a question a lot of folks are asking.

>> that's a really important question. there's research that shows that men who have lived to age 95 on average worked until they're 80 years old. she's asking a really great question we all long to do something that fulfills us. i think what she should do because she's in retirement is look back when she was a kid, what did she dream about then? most people bury their dreams in their 20s and 30s if they're working. she has a chance to do something perhaps she has never done before and doesn't have to do it 40 hours a week.

>> this is dawn in her 40s looking to regain her self-confidence after experiencing a major life event.

>> i'm an actress whose career started off with some momentum, but i hit a real stumbling block when i was diagnosed with two forms of cancer. i'm a survivor, but my self-esteem took a real hit as a woman and artist. how can i jump-start my best self?

>> gabriele, why don't you take them?

>> for dawn it's about coming back into a new perception of herself and really allowing herself to put a lot of emphasis and time into self-care and really rejuvenating her inner spirit, her health, and her overall perception of who she is, and now it's about coming out stronger, not trying to be who she was but being a new person with so much growth.

>> stefanie agree with that?

>> i agree with that. she already answered the question what would i do if my life depended on it. you can bring that into any scenario, what would i do if my life depended on writing this book, on loving my husband, on being with my kids. she already has the life experience to touch into. she can take that into how to jump-start it.

>> she survived it and come out stronger. gabriel bernstein, valorie burton and stefanie ziev. thank you.