TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

‘George W. Obama’ photo makes waves online

A combination photo of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama is being used by some to illustrate what they see as President Obama’s embracing of Bush-era terror policies. Then-Senator Obama criticized similar tactics when they were employed by the Bush administration.

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>>> huffington post the nsa story we've been telling you about the growing controversy over the government's surveillance on phone calls and internet actiftsz as well and in the wake of the revelations, huff post created this photo a provocative one combines the images of president's george b. bush and barack obama . critics say the spying is similar to tactics the president adopted, president bush pack ticks that senator obama criticized in 2007 . i think we are at the beginning of discussion and debate around this issue. i know one difference that the obama administration officials point out is that now unlike in the earlier surveillance program there is court oversight, this fisa court issing looing into it. others say the court is not giving the scrutiny it should to some of these orders so i think it will be a controversial issue.

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