TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Should woman who let lottery winner cut get money?

Mindy Crandell, the Florida woman who says she let the $590 million Powerball winner cut in front of her is taking the incident in stride, even as many say she deserves a piece of the jackpot. And one of Crandell’s coworkers says she was buying tickets for an office pool.

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>>> here's a question for you, how would you feel if the person buying lottery tickets for your office pool let the eventual winner of the lottery go ahead of her in line? well, there is new fallout this morning tied to that record powerball drawing. here's nbc's mara schiavocampo.

>> reporter: call it the cost of kindness, last month 34-year-old mom mindy crandall says she let a little old lady get in front of her in a grocery store line while waiting to buy a quick pick lottery ticket .

>> i was just just go ahead,' not a big deal .

>> reporter: actually, it kind of was. this week, crandall says she saw that woman again on tv claiming the prize for the single billingest lottery payout in history. 84-year-old gloria mackenzie won a whopping $590 million.

>> the joke was watch it will probably be the lady that went in front of you.

>> reporter: but not everyone is laughing. one of crandall 's co-workers says she was supposed to be buying an office pool lottery ticket .

>> i wish things had went the other way, no good deed goes unpunished.

>> reporter: in a statement mackenzie publicly acknowledged crandall 's politeness but with a lump sum payout of almost $371 million, some are saying crandall deserves more than just a thank you.

>> i would give somebody money that let me go ahead of them.

>> we certainly hope she gives them a little bit of money, that would be nice.

>> reporter: but experts say even if crandall had stood her ground in line, she still might not have won.

>> timing had changed. that combination of numbers wouldn't have come up. most likely it would have been some other combination of numbers. everything would have had to be exactly the same to the millisecond.

>> reporter: and while scandal may not be any richer, she still has something money can't buy.

>> eh, luck of the draw .

>> reporter: a sense of humor. for "today," mara schiavocampo, nbc news,