TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Best commercials of the year revealed

Matt Miller, President and CEO of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, reveals the best ads of the year, including campaigns from Volkswagen, DirecTV and Nike.

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>>> back at 7:42, do you have a favorite commercial? the associate of independent commercial producers handed out its awards for the best ads of the year. matt miller , president and ceo of the association, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> if there were a word for longest commercial you'd have a lot of contenders. commercials have gotten long.

>> the fact that commercials are now being made for multiplatforms gives the creative ability to actually not work in a 15, 30 or 60-second block anymore.

>> they've become like little movies these days. best in show as awarded to procter & gamble for a campaign called the best job.

>> wake up, baby.

>> this is just a portion of the ad, this one is really all about moms and the hardest job, and what they do in the lives of what turn out to be some olympians. why'd you like it so much?

>> it tugs the heart strings. it's beautifully shot, and you know most importantly procter & gamble knows their audience. women are a vast majority of the audience. it connects that really tough job of being a mom but its will brings the olympics in, as you know the olympics has become big business , almost like the super bowl in creating ads specifically designed to work right into that environment.

>> our next category, best campaign so a series of ads and directv took the honors. let's look at one of those ads.

>> when you have cable and can't record all your shows, you feel unhappy. when you feel unhappy, you go to happy hour. when you go to happy hour, you're up for anything. when you're up for anything, you head to a turkish bathhouse. when you head to a turkish bathhouse --

>> we get the idea. what's funny is what will happen if you don't get directv , cleverness for sure.

>> these campaigns are going on and on, almost like it's become so much part of our culture now as a formula that you're almost waiting to see what happens next, what horrible things will happen to you if you don't have directv .

>> volkswagen has had great success, they win one for a teaser ad for the super bowl . let's look.

>> i love cats. i just want to hug all of them but i can't. there's a sparkle on my nails. come on get happy

>> this requires drastic measures!

>> here they have some anger issues but once they get involved with the volkswagen family, all is peaceful and happy. why does this win?

>> this one for a l of reasons, it's a feel good piece, the partridge family never hurts as far as the rearrangement, they brought in the social media expert, all of these people were big stars on viral sensation, to bring them into this and show them how this song can actually bring them around.

>> i liked that one.

>> next category the curator's recognition, one that's not a particular category but your audience liked it. let's take a look at it.

>> greatness. it's just something we made up. somehow we've come to believe that greatness is a gift --

>> this is the nike ad, we've shown it quite a bit and talked to the young man in this. why do you think this resonated with the judges?

>> it's beautiful in so many ways, the cinematographer, an athlete in all of us, greatness can come out of all of us, nike connecting not just with the typical athlete but the athlete that we can all be to make ourselves better and they're really bringing their brand way out further from the core of what they used to be known for.

>> matt, always fun to have you here. love to take a look at those commercials that keep me sitting on the couch even whenhe commercials come on.

>> i like to hear that.

>> i know do you, that's right you ha up your alley.