TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Putin and wife to have ‘civilized divorce’

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife, Lyudmila, appeared in public together for the first time in a year to announce they are divorcing on Russian state TV, just before their 30th anniversary. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> president vladimir putin made a tv appearance with his rarely seen wife and announced they are divorcing. nbc's michelle kosinski is in our london news room with more.

>> hi, savannah, this is the first time vladimir putin and his wife have been seen in public in about a year, just before their 30th wedding anniversary but they were there to announce they're getting divorced as the russian press claims a young former gymnast has given birth to putin 's son. civilized divorce, putin called it, on russian state tv, looking reserved alongside his wife of nearly clthree decades after they went to the ballet together sparking a most uncivilized press frenzy there surrounding why. at the center of it called, years back looking like a supermodel made of rubber as an olympic champion rhythmic gymnast what appears to be superhuman flexibility. these days alina is a poll significance in russia's parliament and a mother to two children allegedly fathered by vladimir putin , under website wearing a suit she says "i'm happy to welcome everybody who wants to welcome who i am and what i do."

>> his private life has been shrouded in mystery, it's basically a taboo to talk about his wife or daughters.

>> reporter: putin dismissed allegations of an affair. some reports claim she recently gave birth to his son. in the interview she claimed the boy is her nephew. putin no longer lives with his wife, a former flight attendant whom he has two adult daughters and the comment from the first lady herself, we will forever remain very close and grateful to flood mere that he supports me. rumors of an affair surfaced years ago and the first russian newspaper to report it in 2008 was shortly after shut down. savannah?

>> michelle kosinski in london, thank