TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Obama, Chinese president to begin 2-day summit

Obama and the newly elected Chinese president Xi Jinping are preparing for an unusual two-day summit at a 200-acre estate in Rancho Mirage, California.

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>>> the president begins a crucial two-day summit in california today with china's new leader. it comes in the wake of new information uncovered by nbc news about how president obama 's campaign was actually targeted by chinese hackers. nbc 's white house correspondent kristen welker is in san jose with more on that. kristen , good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, good morning to you. that's right, cyber attacks will be just one of the thorny issues on the table when president obama meets with president li li xinping for the next two days. the asia- pacific region it seems new economic opportunities but this isn't your typical summit. hoping to foster a better relationship with china, president obama will host the country's new president li li xinping at the sunnyland estate in rancho mirage , california . this summit is aimed at fostering an open-ended and wide-ranging dialogue.

>> this is an important opportunity for the two leaders to get a better sense of each other.

>> reporter: they will also address contentious issues including north korea and cyber security . u.s. officials say government-backed chinese hackers have stolen billions in intellectual property and now nbc 's ikele isikoff reports the 2000 obama mccains were traced back to hackers by china.

>> they were against the two american political parties .

>> reporter: chinese officials consistently deny any role. another issue the first lady of china, a former pop star known for her fashion sense , will be in attendance today. but michelle obama will not. foreign policy experts say some in china might see it as a snub, while in the u.s. it sepds a different message.

>> she's first and foremost the mother of her two young children who are in their last week of school.

>> reporter: white house officials say they were always open with chinese officials that the first lady was not planning to attend this summit. as for president obama he has been fund raising in the bay area , he will make comments about his health care law , part of his pr push to sell his health care law before headed to rancho mirage for the important summit. matt?

>> kristen welker in san jose , california , thanks very much.

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