TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea hits Fla., creates tornadoes

Jacksonville residents are recovering from a flooding caused by Tropical Storm Andrea Thursday, as parts of Florida are still under watch for tornadoes and torrential rains.

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>>> now to the big storm impacting millions of americans on the east coast this morning. flood warnings and watches stretch from georgia all the way to maine and even though it has weakened some a bit overnight, andrea is causing a lot of problems. nbc's katy tur is in wrightsville beach , north carolina .

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're feeling rain and heavy winds. the worst of the storm passed through 3:00 a.m .. the heavy winds are contributing to the heavy surf. it doesn't look too terrible at the moment here. andrea has already left her mark. the hurricane season is just seven days old and already this morning andrea , the first named storm of the year, is wreaking havoc.

>> everybody laughed about it in jacksonville because they also act like they're going to come toward us and they don't.

>> reporter: they weren't laughing in florida thursday when winds and rain battled jacksonville leaving roads flooded and forcing some to fill sandbags.

>> the biggest problem we have is the risk of tornadoes.

>> reporter: governor rick scott warned residents to stay safe. at least eight confirmed tornadoes were spun off by andrea , one not far from west palm beach toppled trees, buckled walls and moved a large cargo container . an 85-year-old woman in this house was injured.

>> knocked her out of bed, had both her legs program.

>> reporter: a close call for the rivera family.

>> i grabbed my daughter out of the bedroom, head for the bathroom, the wall came down.

>> reporter: this morning, andrea swirling up the east coast , its winds felt up as far up as the carolinas. the biggest threat today? torrential rainfall.

>> grounds are already saturated so any additional rain we're going to get is going to add to the issues we already have.

>> reporter: but a little wind and rain wasn't enough to keep everyone grounded. nick walenda braved the elements calling it perfect practice for his grand canyon walk later this month. the wrightsville high school graduation has been postponed. they are expecting more rain and just didn't want to take any chances.