TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

Holly Tucker: Twitter feud is ‘fuel for my fire’

Nineteen-year-old singer Holly Tucker from Team Blake is the latest artist to say goodbye to “The Voice.” She says a critical tweet from one viewer is fueling her fire, and that she plans to use it as motivation for her career.

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>> student holly tucker in her shining moment on nbc's "the voice" as she performed a tribute, a beautiful tribute to the victims of the moore, oklahoma tornado.

>> it was terrific. but with the competition heating up as we head into the semifinals, holly was voted off and sent home, leading to a heated twitter battle. the good news is, we get to meet holly right now.

>> yes and you know who came to your defense?

>> oh yeah.

>> blair.

>> is there a day we go by without saying his name, blake .

>> let's talk about your moment on stage. it was one of those things emotions are running high and i know did must have been, it must have been disappointing that --

>> yeah. i mean i just kept thinking how much like you know, i'm so grateful to have been here and so blessed. but i was going to miss my teammates a lot. and we've become so close, we are a real family and i love them to death and i'm rooting for them all the way.

>> you're going to have a long career.

>> absolutely.

>> let's talk about this tweetgate thing that's going on. apparently there was some critic, a guy named joe guerrero from the " houston chronicle ," who wrote something stupid like he was glad you were eliminated and blake was angry about what he had to say. so we had to edit blake 's down into one of his more tv-appropriate tweets. he it reads people like you, joey, that make me sick, holly is not only a talented singer but a great person who is simply chasing a dream. what do you think about this twitter war that's going on in the background as you're living your life?

>> kind of like you guys said, everybody is going to have their own opinions, you've got to take it in stride and use it to be your motivation. it's fuel for my fire, it doesn't bother me, but seeing blake stick up for me like that and knowing that that's my coach right there. and that's --

>> he's got my back.

>> doesn't have to do that.

>> he doesn't.

>> he's doing it because it's real and nobody ever knew this guy's name before this happened. i'm sorry we even said it because you know what, you'll have critics for the rest of your life. the sooner you learn you no to get, don't even read it, you go out there every single time and you sing and you do the best you can.

>> what did blake say to you after you were eliminated, quickly?

>> it was all kind of emotional for all of us. i think that he didn't really say much. he just kind of held me for a minute.

>> that's all it takes.

>> i felt he was just telling me, it's all going to be okay.

>> well, it is.

>> you're 19 years old, you're beautiful and you are talented as all get-out. we've not heard the last of you.

>> you can catch the final five contestants on the voice, monday on nbc.

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