TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

Kathie Lee: Prayers go out to Paris Jackson

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb offer their sympathies as they discuss an apparent suicide attempt by Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris.

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>>> hey, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday, june 6th here in beautiful new york city . how you doing, everybody? glad you're here with us.

>> we certainly are. when you look at the papers every morning --

>> you never know what they're going to say.

>> sometimes it's a great headline and sometimes it's kind of a sad one. today at least in the new york paper there is were two sad headlines. it was, it's about paris jackson , michael jackson 's daughter, and there are reports that she tried to commit suicide.

>> yeah. well apparently it's true. because there was a family statement as well. but she tweeted the night, the very night before she tweeted the lyrics to the beatles song "yesterday,".

>> and she tweeted "i wonder why tears are salty."

she did an interview with oprah. she seemed like a darling young unaffected teenaged girl. this one she seems quite troubled, very troubled to me.

>> so there are signs there of trouble, i think.

>> "people" magazine confirmed that she cut her wrist and swallowed a bottle of motrin. this is one of those things where you wouldn't weather the family is going to be doing. she's been spending some time with her biological mother.

>> debbie rohe. and she also, i didn't know the jackson family told a source at "e" news that she had been hospitalized for depression. when you think about it, depression seems like an older person's disease. it isn't this is a young girl . but look at the way she was raised. she's never really known her biological mother. she's 15 years old, she lost the love of her life, her dad. it's a very dysfunctional family . katherine is the executor of their will. she's in the hospital. she feels lost. crying out.

>> katherine did release a statement saying that paris is physically fine and getting appropriate medical attention . being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult, no matter who you are. it's especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. please respect her privacy and the family's privacy.

>> which no one ever does. it's too big a story. anything to do -- there are some reports that she was very upset about the trial that's going on with the company that was going to be producing michael's "this is it" final concert series. and she was going to have to testify. now i don't know, that's not confirmed. but that's another report i read. now think about it, the little girl who spent a lot of her childhood behind a veil, you know just learning now how to be a normal kid. and then, normal, who is normal any more, anyway, certainly not children of michael jackson and then all of a sudden she's worried about oh, my gosh, i'm going to have to testify about -- i just wish the lawsuit would go away and everybody could just, there's so much money at stake. it always comes down to that, right?

>> you're right.

>> our prayers go out to this beautiful, beautiful young girl that she gets the help she needs.

>>> changing gears a little bit. last night jimmy fallon always has his fun with people.

>> yes. sometimes it's not us and that's good.

>> he decided to have some fun with brian williams , he was trying to figure out what it would be like if brian williams covered snoop dogg and dr. dre 's "ain't nothing but a g thing." is that what i think it is?

>> anyway, let's watch.

>> here's a clip of nbc news anchor brian williams edited to make did look like he's performing the snoon dogg classic "ain't nothing but a g thing." one two, three, four snoop doggie dog and dr. dre nothing but a g thing so death role is the label that haze me so just chill to the next episode

>> that's genius. that's genius.

>> that is so good.

>> four years to compile that amount, get him actually saying the words they needed.

>> they needed dre , imagine trying to chop that up.

>> where did they get g, where did that come from? "nothing but a g thing." on another note, last night was the cmt country music television awards.

>> congratulations to carrie underwood .

>> she is so classy.

>> she won for the video. year "blown away." she did a great performance, a tribute to the folks of oklahoma her home state. it was beautiful, there was a gospel choir

>> she's a great singer on her own, you add the choir element. hello, hallelujah. and blake .

>> and miranda, they took home best male and female hosts, videos of the year. congratulations to both of them.

>> blake wasn't able to be there, so miranda accepted on his behalf saying honey i'm drinking for two tonight.

>> of course she is.

>> tell me the truth, hoda.

>> i'm very happy.

>> do you think that marriage will last or what?

>> i do, i do.

>> i already have a blake shelton at home.

>> did you give him a middle name shelton?

>> no.

>> blake shelton kotb.

>> i dngt mean that, just blake .

>> finally the lottery winner has emerged.

>> waiting and waiting.

>> could she be cuter?

>> she's 84-year-old gloria mckenzie.

>> she kept it secret, it's a hard thing to keep secret in that town. she lives in a very modest home, that's her son walking with her. she won -- $590 million. which when you get your pay-out of that, it's --

>> $371 million. but that's before taxes. so you know, i think she's probably in the 1%.

>> she's going to split it with her son.

>> she apparently has four children. so that's going to be an interesting family dynamic.

>> so here's the cool thing.

>> when she was buying her ticket, she's in a line at publix. and a woman who was in front of her with her, i guess her kids said to her, why don't you go ahead of me. why don't you get your ticket ahead of me.

>> slees an 84-year-old lady.

>> the woman went ahead of her, bought the winning ticket. the woman thinks she might be the woman who allowed gloria to go ahead of her. let's listen to her for a second.

>> the joke was, watch it will probably be the lady that went in front of you. luck of the draw .

>> that's what the cashier said to her, watch, it will be the lady who went in front of you. you know what, here's the way i want the end of the story to be. i want the sweet little gloria lady that won it all, to discover who that young girl is right there in her own neighborhood and i want her to share the wealth with her.

>> good idea.

>> share it, share it.

>> we usually pay it forward, kindnesses, this one, pay this one backward. she got in the back of her and it looks like she's got kids.

>> okay, grandma? that would be awesome.

>> here's the best i-hoda song. and it happens to be blake shelton 's not because of anything, but because i love this song a lot. it's called "the boys round here" a little country, a little rappy. crank it.

>> you know you're going to lose me, hoda?

>> that doesn't actually rhyme.

>> chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit. wait, wait, wait.

>> isn't that fun?

>> i have to say, i adore blake , i adore blake and i see why people love him. but four things in a row that don't rhyme, dougie, truckee.

>> ice cold beer , boys round here.

>> that's the only rhyme. i'm a purist. can we --

>> can we go back?

>> no. don't take no lip chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco, spit.

>> is it okay to have a quickie engagement. this is what we had to say.

>> you can only decide for yourself if it's okay. but we all know love is an untamed beast. and some ride it for all it's worth. others take their time.

>> nice, klg.

>> thank you.

>> if it lasts, who cares how long the engagement is.

>> your mother.

>> maybe. probably not.

>> it's true. it's true.