TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

Beauty winners: Best lipstick, blush, more

For the last 18 years, InStyle magazine has thoroughly researched and released a yearly round-up of top beauty products. InStyle editor Kahlana Barfield shares this year’s winners.

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>> yes. we're always hearing about the latest and greatest beauty products on the market. but today, we've got the items that not only the pros recommend, but they actually use on themselves.

>> for the last 18 years in style magazine, research of best in beauty come out with the editors' top pick. here with a few of them. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> first of all, the beauty lip color. tell us about this.

>> yeah, so tom ford beauty lip color was the clear winner in this category. tom ford launched the line in 2010 with 12 shades of lipsticks and really perfected it. they're loaded with exotic butters and oils and go on really great.

>> even tested on a mug.

>> yes, they stay put. and the company doesn't claim them to be long lasting, but they are.

>> next, the blush that's the best two in one product.

>> this is a golden blond bronzer, highlighter and rosy blush that gives a nice glow. our model has it on one side and i'm going to put it on her other side. it brightens her cheeks. you can wear them separately or you can take the brush across.

>> self-tanner.

>> so this is dr. dennis gross glow pads for body. they exfoliate as they tan. she put it on last night and after an hour, there you have it. so it's a pad --

>> better even her out.

>> yeah, you can go ahead and even yourself out with this pad right here.

>> what about nail art?

>> nail art is a new category for best beauty buys. we know it's a huge trend in beauty and magnetic nail polish won in this category. it has a magnet at the lid at the top. so you hold it over the wet nail and creates this really cool holographic effect.

>> oh, cool.

>> look.

>> there you go. and we like it because it's sophisticated. it's not, you know, like wearing nail stickers or polka dots .

>> and it lasts like nail polish .

>> and our "today" intern what you call the best beauty product .

>> it's a new product from john frieda . really light serum that will not weigh your hair down.

>> her left side is already done.

>> her left side, we actually straightened with a flat iron and this is her natural wavy texture. and it takes away the frizz.

>> and you shouldn't do this to people you don't know.

>> yes, we made friends.

>> all right.

>> thank you.