TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

KLG, Hoda name juggling pair most talented twins

David and Scott Cain of Middletown, Ohio, show off their juggling talents, which inspire TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda to award them the title of most-talented twins.

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this is david and scott from middletown, ohio. i think we know what your talent is based on what you're holding there. and the matching shirts, by the way, give you a decided advantage. how long you been juggling together, guys?

>> 30 years. and we passed our skills along to our children now.

>> go ahead.

>> let's get out of the way.

>> in addition to our regular jobs as juggling, we also moonlight at top male model. let's stick to the juggling today. we're going to do some passing. first over the shoulder, behind the back.

>> oh.

>> under the leg.

>> whoa.

>> over the top . this can be quite a workout and we're both trying to lose some weight. we've been on a diet for a month and so far we have lost 30 days . right now things are going much faster sort of like our hair loss.

>> three.

>> nice!

>> juggling and comedy.

>> both separately difficult things to pull off. you pulled off both things. i'm impressed.

>> we like.

>> we have a few seconds.