TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

After 10-mile run, woman gives birth by surprise

Trish Staine and her husband, John, said they had no idea Trish was pregnant until she went to the hospital suffering from back pain and learned she was in labor. She gave birth to a daughter shortly after, who they are calling a “miracle.” TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports and Dr. Nancy Snyderman offers her perspective.

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>>> and now to a story that seems unimaginable, actually.

>> it really does, absolutely. the woman giving birth to a baby at nearly full term without ever realizing she was eight months pregnant.

>> reporter: a true bundle of joy, this baby girl is giving new meaning for surprise deliveries.

>> we're both still in shock.

>> trish says she had absolutely no idea she was eight months pregnant.

>> i didn't have a baby belly to feel a baby.

>> what's more, she says her husband had a vasectomy so having a baby wasn't on the table.

>> i didn't miss any periods. that's another reason i was like, no, it's impossible, i had my period the whole time --

>> everything suddenly changed a few days ago after running a few miles and training for a half marathon .

>> at that point, the train had progressed so bad. this is not right, this is not normal. i need somebody right here.

>> the 33-year-old mother of two knew something serious was happening when the pain became severe.

>> i was yelling and screaming, i thought i was dying.

>> after being rushed to the emergency room , the news was stunning.

>> the lady found a heartbeat and i'm looking around like, no, that's not -- i don't believe it.

>> trish wasn't the only one who was shocked. her husband john says he was blind sided, but completely thrilled.

>> until they took me to see the baby, i didn't believe them. wow.

>> the unexpected gift, a 6 pound, 6 ounce baby girl .

>> she was doing pretty well. i wouldn't mind renaming her miracle and calling her mira for short.

>> well, dr. nancy snyderman . i have one question for you, really?

>> really. it can happen. it's well described, it's called denial of pregnancy. and the best study comes from the journal, the british medical journal study in germany that 1 out of 475 women who delivered a baby did not realize and refused to acknowledge they were pregnant.

>> so the classic situation that i have heard about anyway is someone who is rather obese and maybe doesn't recognize the weight gain. that's not the situation with this woman.

>> i've seen it in a couple of cases. very obese and then the very, very thin who maybe have missed periods or they're running and they have sort of anorexia related to exercise. so they're hormones have shut down, enough to carry a fetus, usually a small baby, but not enough to recognize they've missed periods. but for a woman during pregnancy to have missed all of her periods means she was not having regular periods to begin with or just didn't acknowledge things have changed.

>> and we do so much in prenatal care now. one has to wonder, is it a little bit dangerous? you know the safety of the child when you have gone through an entire pregnancy and not knowing it.

>> of course, we're so attuned to full prenatal and perinatal observan observance, high blood pressure , blood sugar problems, diabetes, all the things we worry about with moms. is this -- was this mom and baby at risk? potentially. but it's the very obese and the very thin we worry about the most and teenagers. i think this is going to go down as one of those, really, really? but in the medical literature , yes, it exists.

>> i only have ten seconds.

>> rare, but true.

>> you've had this happen -- you've delivered --

>> when i was a young doctor, a woman came in, she was a little hefty with stomach flu and guess what, i held a baby.

>> that's why i love you, nancy.

>> i've seen it in person.