TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

Martha Stewart: I could go on ‘a thousand dates’

A little over a month ago, Martha Stewart admitted she missed being in a relationship and was willing to give online dating a try. Since then, she filled out a profile and has gone on dates with two men. She and CEO update TODAY’s Matt Lauer on her progress.

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>> first, a little refresher on where things stand.

>> in the spirit of adventure --

>> just over a month ago, martha stewart along with her niece's husband dan slater and match incorporated ceo appeared on "today" and launched the search for a man.

>> what we know we can get you is great first dates. i think a soul mate might be a little bit difficult.

>> so they got right to work creating martha 's profile for .

>> what's your body type? big and beautiful, curvy, above average.

>> that's horrible.

>> then filled out what she's looking for in a match.

>> in other words, do you want us to make sure people don't contact --

>> with that, her profile was uploaded to . and the response overwhelming.

>> there's no question that martha 's one of the most popular members ever to join match. she's had over 200 profiles in the first day.

>> the next step was to review potential suitors.

>> this one catches my attention. you are quite an attractive woman.

>> he's 34 years old.

>> are you a sign person?

>> so far aquarius and sagittarius has worked out well.

>> but you're here on . how do you feel about pda?

>> i like that.

>> after poring through hundreds of e-mails, martha narrowed it down to a few good men.

>> my name is stan , i'm a film maker, i do commercials, independent features, paint, do landscapes, i love to eat, nice glass of wine good dinner.

>> i'm larry and i'm an international steel trading business, love traveling, love the new york philharmonic. i live right here.

>> she met two of them here on "today" in person before heading out on dates with each.

>> you're both going to go out, coffee, whatever.

>> she got together with larry at perry street.

>> how old's your daughter?

>> 40-something.

>> my daughter's 46. 46, may 12th .

>> oh.

>> i'm the only person in my whole crowd who is single.

>> my friends have never fixed me up with anybody. i think they're afraid the person they fix me up with won't like me or something.

>> and at new york's rao's with stan .

>> anything to eat?

>> everything. i eat straight from the garden. have you been to austin?

>> a film festival there.

>> some big plans?

>> yeah.

>> and martha is here now along with match inc. ceo sam yagan. good morning to both of you. was it fun?

>> the dates? yeah.

>> were you nervous going on these dates?

>> no. how could i be nervous?

>> i thought you'd say yes.

>> no because i'd already met them here on the "today" show. i'd met their profiles. they weren't hiding anything. i think they were honest guys and having a drink at perry street, what could be nicer?

>> but there were cameras around, it's not exactly a natural dynamic. did that bug you at all?

>> well, in my life, my life is sort of my work and my work's sort of my life, it's not -- i'm not made nervous by that. maybe somebody would have been, but the guys weren't nervous either. i think they did a really, really nice job of being dates.

>> and also, i think let's say one more time, what they're doing or what they did here was very brave to agree to do this. now, we've made a point here we weren't looking for your soul mate , we were looking for a couple of fun first dates. so i think everybody's going --

>> but broke the ice. it's got me to sort of like think about dating as a nice thing to do on a regular basis.

>> but i think people are going to want to know is there going to be a second date with either larry or stan ?

>> well, we've been in contact. and we've already -- we're already talking business. this is how things do deteriorate. with larry , we were talking business.

>> let's get to the subject at hand, martha .

>> you never know what happens if business is good, you know, maybe something else will be good.

>> you had good enough time with either or both of them you would pursue a second date?

>> sure, absolutely, absolutely.

>> is this typical, you don't -- the bells and sirens and fireworks don't go off on the first date but break the ice as martha says.

>> i think one of the things about signing up for an online dating site, it gets you out there and it gets the ball rolling. and whether you meet someone through the site itself or getting yourself out there and your friends now know you're ready to go and active and you say you've been introduced to other people through friends.

>> other people have surfaced.

>> i would think you'd get a lot of contacts not online.

>> my lawyer came up with a great idea the other day.

>> what's that?

>> a fix-up.

>> he might not have thought to make that fix-up had she not committed to finding someone.

>> and we already know that martha signing up for this at has inspired a lot of men and women to get out there and do the same.

>> especially women, i think.

>> how is this happening?

>> well, we're reading all the feedback as women sign up and they're saying i've been nervous to try online dating , i'm not tech savvy, but to see someone like martha do it made me, you know, want to do it.

>> and you have some tips for people who are trying this for the first time. be yourself, which is sometimes easier said than done. start the conversation and i like your third one, stick with it. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

>> you know, you've had two dates, they were good.

>> i still have like 1,000 more --

>> 1,000 more dates to have.

>> i could do 1,000 dates with all the people responded.

>> so many dates, so little time . all right. but you are going to --

>> you have to chaperone every one of them.

>> with the camera crew .

>> that's not a good idea. all right, martha , we're going to keep following you. thanks for being such a good sport. and sam, thank you