TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

6 home fixes that won’t bust your budget

John DeSilvia, host of “Recue My Renovation,” suggests some inexpensive ways to improve your home, including adding a fresh coat of paint to appliances, updating  your bathroom fixtures and installing new cabinet hardware.

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>>> it?

>> get your place looking new on a budget.

>>> all right. you know how it is, you've lived in the same place for so many years and tired of the outdated cabinets, but don't have the money to renovate.

>> john desylvia, host of diy network 's "rescue my renovation" have some ideas to give you the most bang for your buck .

>> good morning.

>> i know a lot of us have the same old fridge, you're just sick of everything.

>> and one dingy thing can spoil everything.

>> budget renovations, right? n now. you don't have the money -- you go out and buy this $5 a can. two cans, a spray paint . you can get a stainless steel look getting rid of this old white look.

>> so you left it striped like that to be cool?

>> to show a before and after.

>> it's retrokind of like the jetsons here.

>> we were going to spray here, but we can't have it in the studio. on the diy network , we always renovate kitchens for free, so people don't have the money to update their kitchens. i always see old laminates, they don't know what to do with it.

>> wow. rust oleum, and it's a long process, but they give you a dvd and bring you through the whole process, step by step .

>> what's it cost?

>> $250.

>> instead of 15,000, maybe.

>> the average kitchen countertop, $5,000 to $10,000 easy.

>> what do you do? how does the process work ?

>> there are so many different steps. we don't have the time to go into it.

>> follow the directions.

>> follow the directions. the dvd really gives you a step-bi-step process.

>> this is the finished product.

>> and i love the way you left the before and after. just kidding.

>> what's happening here?

>> homeowners always ask me what's a good project to upgrade my kitchen? backsplash tile, always upgrates.

>> nasty to take it away.

>> yes. yes. this stuff is peel-and-stick. no grout necessary, no adhesive.

>> if you don't like it, is it as easy to remove as well?

>> you can take it off real easy. peel it.

>> wow, i cannot tell you -- you could redo your --

>> wow.

>> stainless steel , glass.

>> and right on to have of the old.

>> yes.

>> about one minute. now we have kitchen knobs. the quickest upgrace. change the hardware. $2 for a pull, you want to get fancy with glass or ser ma'amic --

>> they looks like completely different cabinets. excellent. this is all so good, compared to last time.

>> kidding.

>> no powder on the floor.

>> hardwood floor, 3/4 of an inch thick, real stuff. this is laminate?

>> last thing.

>> we'hoda is zoning out.

>> install a new faucet. this is cool, because it's touch technology.

>> stop it, john.

>> thank you, john.

>>> good to see you again.

>>> tomorrow grammy winning singer ashanti is with us.

>> and holly tucker.