TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Tips for cleaning the siding on your home

Lou Manfredini, host of “House Smarts,” shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to fix up the outside of your home by selecting the right kind of mulch, cleaning the siding on your house, and staining the deck.

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>>> all is good when our favorite handyman is in the house with his fix-it advice.

>> today he's taking us outside from your garden --

>> wait, keep that shot. you look like the female bob the builder, with this barely on your head. you look like you're going to temple.

>> our lou .

>> you know what? i need a sip of my screwdriver.

>> it's in my tool belt. lou is host of the syndicated show "house smarts." he made a hatfill you, that's amazing.

>> do you have a large noggin?

>> i do.

>> this is one of best ways to update.

>> this is a mine medical much, a cedar. they cost about $5, $6 a bag that you can buy at garden stores, and by using a fabric like this underneath the mulch, before you put it down, it would help to control the weeds. it's going to hold moisture and help your plants retain that moisture to grow better. one of the best ones ones out there, this is a rubber mulch , made from ground-up tractor tires, made in st. louis, missouri. the idea behind this is it doesn't decay. the color stays wonderful. these are $5, $6 a bag, but this is $12 --

>> but in the long run.

>> under a play set.

>> it's bouncy.

>> could it be we just use three tons of mulch in our yard for bobby's wedding. does that sound possible?

>> absolutely.

>> where are you going?

>> i don't know. we're going here. we're going to go here first. we're going to talking about cleaning outside.

>> bob. bob. this windex outdoor cleaner for the windows is a pad cleaner that quite honestly when it first came out i thought was a complete gimmick.

>> we discussed this. it is amazing.

>> i started to use this on my own home. it really does work. so all you end up doing, because we're in the studio, you take a hose with a prayer, and you spray the glass to get it wet. then you take this pad cleaner and start scrubbing the window back and forth. the windex cleaner is in this pad. can you reach up to 11 feet. i wish they had a longer pole, but you can adapt this to work. once you really scrub it, rinse it, and there's no streaks.

>> you know what we used in we used the windex that attaches to your hose. it was fantastic.

>> these are siding cleaners.

>> we used that too.

>> what's krud kutter.

>> these all user really well to clean the exterior of your home. this is my favorite moss, mildew and algae product, wet & forget. they've been using this on the roof of the sydney opera house , you spray it on your ahnings, patio, decks.

>> on your depends.

>> it's an exterior sursfas. it mixes with the rain and wind and will take care of the algae in 30 days . outdoor decks, bringing them back to life, this is something we have a lot of people with outdoor living. there's waterborne products like this, you have to use the stain and their topcoat.

>> it really works.

>> it really works. oil-based semitransparent like this cabot, is the industry standard . the key is you have to pressure walk that deck.

>> prep it.

>> and then put the oil-based in there it if your deck is in bad shape, this product is called restore. do you like the dipped conessh.

>> who doesn't like a dipping.

>> this is like that layer that goes over the cone. you go nigh and slowly, to apply this finish.

>> it staying like that?

>> it sinks in.

>> and it grabs it like that hard shell on an ice cream cone , but gives you a nonslip surface, tintable, easy to do. you can bring it back to life. when you do an entire deck, it's beautiful.

>> lou , you're the best.

>> we don't care what anybody