TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

4 instant upgrades to make your home look hot

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri from the HGTV show “Cousins Undercover” explain how adding modern wall décor, energy-saving lights and smartphone remote controls are great ways to instantly upgrade your home.

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>>> it's time for today's project home. the hot zest trends from wall art to high-tech green gadgets, that will give your hose that extra edge.

>> and here to show you how it's done are the two famous cousins, anithen and john, they're the hosts of the upcoming series "cousins undercover." it's a new show.

>> it is, all about neighborhood heroes, and surprising the homeowners.

>> fun.

>> bigger and better. huge renovations.

>> really?

>> yes.

>>> we like this, number one, all affordable things.

>> we looked at technology, affordable and some fun stuff for summer. this green wall is magnetic. it's easy to hang up in your home.

>> don't let it fall.

>> great as a feature wall action to planned herbs in.

>> great for herbs.

>> beautiful succulents right here.

>> i love when you talk like that.

>> mint, rosemary.

>> and it's inexpensive?

>> yes, it is.

>> something like this, you're talking $75.

>> but then you have to buy the plants.

>> exactly. come on, look at these beautiful photos.

>> i know these two ladies.

>> look at blaky.

>> this is a company called canvas pop. they used to only do huge photos. now these -- and i know these are all inns that gram they have a technology called picture perfect . it gets rid of the pixels, but as a user, you don't need to understand it, you upload the photo, and they do all the work.

>> how is that hanging up?

>> these are on velcro for the set, but one nail on the wall and you're done.

>> let's get into the fun stuff. this is green tech. you have to love your smart thermostat. programmable settings, so seven days a week, four settings a day, and i can take out my iphone and control it. easy.

>> does cathie's phone look on the that?

>> i don't know if that's going to work. but it's great for the energy savings. very easy, $100, then you get into a docking station . too many people plug into appliances. what they don't realize is your appliances are actually using electricity. this lets you know how much electricity. it can manually turn off, use an ipad with it an iphone .

>> what do you mean it turns off? i did not understand that at all. start over.

>> we're not technology educated.

>> you can use the app. to shut the outlet down.

>> oh, i see. i see.

>> it's all about conserving.

>> really, the beauty is the costs we're talking about, maybe $100 here, $150 there --

>> but it address up.

>> they pay for themselves inside the three months when you look at the power savers, so yes, a little investment up front.

>> especially if you use your blender a lot.

>> do you use your blender a lot?

>> no, never.

>> there is an outlet you can control from your iphone , smartphone, or it also has a motion sensor . when you walk in the room, the light will stay on for ten minutes. as long as it senses motion, it keeps going.

>> what do we have at the end? i didn't like that much. i like the pretty stuff.

>> this is the girly stuff?

>> color blocking. how much do we love it? it's the huge, it's the rage.

>> listen, wait until you see his suit for his wedding.

>> what's great is you're taking bold colors, putting them together, but you want to stay in the same family. you have a beautiful place setting like this, but what's great is it can be used all over.

>> is not what you're going to use at your wedding?

>> this is what we're doing