TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

4 ways to improve your home’s curb appeal

HGTV’s  Genevieve Gorder shows how making a few small changes to the outside of your home will make it more attractive, such as boxwood hedges, painted front steps and a porch swing.

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>>> all right. you know what they say, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. neither does your house.

>> so many of us focus on what's happening inside, but from landscaping to the color of your door, it's the curb appeal that makes your house inviting.

>> she's adorable. i like to call her genevieve. great to have you here.

>> i love to see you ladies in the morning.

>> we're going to look at some homes, befores and afters.

>> general rules, is you should really treat the exterior of your home much like you do the interior. you need the color balance , you need the texture story, you need the right lighting, you need a sense of depth. so far we put everything up against our house. we have a whole yard to play with.

>> you want it to be inviting.

>> exactly. your house needs to be a sedructress.

>> everybody has this how in their neighborhood, a generic new build, but look at this a no the of straight lines and a lot of masculine without a lot of girl.

>> hello.

>> gives that sense of depth by planting a tree in the foreground, all of a sudden it looks bigger.

>> look warmer.

>> there's some perspective.

>> the hedge breaks up the linear horizontal lines.

>> can we change the color of the door?

>> let's go. two, three colors is a bit timid. to add even a soft gray here.

>> if you go to a home depot , you can get a lot of that lane scaping --

>> you can get the trees there, too, but have you a monochromatic walkway, with some wild grass .

>> not crazy about the wild grass . keep it at the beach where it fits.

>> maybe it's at the beach.

>> how number two.

>> rocks for cathie.

>> very cape cod . we're drawn to that weird red stripe beneath the door. it's nothing we could be looking at.

>> brick or stone.

>> or just make it go away.

>> it's still not good.

>> it's coming. bring get rid of that seam where the cement fins --

>> it's boxwood?

>> and then planter boxes, so inexpensive, and they at --

>> did you change the color of the door?

>> we are, we are getting there. they already got there. we changed the lighting, changed the door, took away the focus of the strange red stripe .

>> we have time to squeeze in one last one.

>> i can't do this all day.

>> let's do it.

>> victorian.

>> american four square, great bones but really blah. the first thing i suggested to is to give a door that has the same era of the house. it had a cheap door and all these windows and doors need to be era-specific. i think it's a shame if you deny them that. bringing in smile irises. you don't need a hedge when her balance sisters and -- and a porch swing.

>> or some beautiful big victorian rockers with the plant.

>> exactly. if you have the