TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Boxer Laila Ali shows off favorite fitness moves

The four-time world boxing champ turned fitness and wellness expert is inspiring people all over to get off the couch and live a healthy lifestyle. With the help of the TODAY anchors, she demonstrates some of her signature moves to keep you active and fit.

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>>> all right, we are working out with four-time world boxing champ turned fitness and wellness expert layla ali .

>> i will lawill show us signature moves you can do at home to get into shape for summer. great to see you.

>> thank you, happy to be here.

>> before we start swinging things around at each other.

>> you got to watch her. i got her back.

>> two on one? i want to ask about what you're doing in times square the get old campaign.

>> get old is about getting americans to think about what they can do today to make sure they get old the way they want to in a healthy way, taking control of their health. i'm 35, proud to be, proud of my accomplishments as an athlete and mom. i want to be around so i'm always trying to be healthy and trying to encourage other people to do the same so they can come out to times square today, claim their age and their face can end up on a big billboard with their sign., there's more information there.

>> now i'm going to get beat.

>> we don't need to talk, just get working.

>> everyone can do, i did do a boxing workout video available on amazon. you got to know how to jab, that's one of the mother important functions in boxing. put your weight on your front foot.

>> you're not doing too good. you're doing great. pink gloves, watch it now. you're my students, listen, listen, listen, we're not done. listen to the teacher, right hand, right, natalie once again you look great. we don't know about willie . all right, okay now we're going to do the jab right and then dip underpunch, jab, right, dip, dip, come on, dip, baby, dip. what's up with your coordination, willie ? gosh!

>> whoa!

>> put on the gloves, layla , let's go, let's go!

>> all right, let's go, one, two, dip, we need some music for willie . let's do something else. let's do something else. he can handle this.

>> keep talking moralemorales.

>> come on, willie , you can do this, jump in place. people can do this at home, it's all about getting your cardioup.

>> whoa, they want to get in it, too.

>> we have some targets for you.

>> oh but i love these ladies.

>> we love them, too.

>> you're the target.

>> you want to punch on natalie? that is not nice.

>> wow! what's going on here with you, pal?

>> no!

>> that's not nice.

>> they're right there. i can't do that.

>> that is pathetic!

>> how do you get in? are you kidding? oh no indeed.

>> so unconventional.

>> this is a good idea. we'll tell what you we have, ready?

>> i'm sorry, that's why we had to do things now, right.

>> she always said i had a big booty but that's a good thing now.

>> you don't have to buy this.

>> i didn't buy this.

>> the squat, it's all real.

>> you're not going to beat us up?

>> no.

>> what's the point? we just wanted to get you in here. you look pretty.

>> get in line, everybody wants him.

>> i made the mistake of talking trash to an ali before and quickly backpedaled.

>> i'm retired from boxing.

>> so glad we got here early.

>> this is not good for post menopausal breasts.

>> that's going to keep moving.

>> this is "today" on nbc.

>>> willie is going to be starring in a new movie.

>> go ahead. what is the title?

>> you came up with the title. come on, own it.

>> "white men can't box."

>> and "white men can't dance."

>> thank you, layla . great to see you, layla . say hello to your dad for us, too.