TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Backyard toys and gadgets for kids of all ages

From a bubble machine to entertain toddlers to an illuminated bar for the grown-ups, chef George Hirsch, host of the new PBS series “George Hirsch Lifestyle,” shows how you can turn your outdoor space into a party.

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>>> on "today's home" cool items for your summer fun from light up toys to an illuminated bar, you're never going to want to leave the backyard.

>> here is george hurst host of " george hurst lifestyle" on pbs.

>> nice to see you again.

>> we're ready to throw a party. we want to keep the kids occupied while we're partying.

>> we can unplug and take the indoors outdoors and a great way to kick it off is not with a couple bubbles but a bazillion bubbles from fubbles.

>> this is just kind of a battery operated deal that keeps blowing bubbles.

>> no need to watch over time . you can keep it going .

>> keeps them distracted.

>> but for more active fun game you have to put the glasses on, they're already prelit.

>> so am i but that's another story.

>> this is from nerf, from fire fox as you throw the football you can play in the dark and be able to get your passes.

>> you got a bar going and --

>> why is a ring coming out green?

>> you see it as red and you see it as green.

>> go play action .

>> come on.

>> all right!

>> unbelievable!

>> what are you doing with the --

>> i like that, very nice.

>> the action play and you want to chill a little bit, now you got a 360 ipod from ihome.

>> speakers.

>> blue tooth .

>> you can play in that in blue tooth and take your party wherever. you don't have to be plugged in.

>> you always worry about the speakers by the pool. with these --

>> this is great. i'll let you be the splash master there. and what's nice about this is the fun doesn't stop when you're out at the pool. i call this the -- good morning willie, al george dance -a-thon.

>> this is in the water. you get it under water and it comes up.

>> wow, still working.

>> it's still working.

>> if you were in the water you'd hear the music.

>> maybe don't drown the speakers.

>> it doesn't go all the way down in the water. i guess it's water resistant .

>> come on al, work with us.

>> ooh it's a little wet now. it's back! yeah!

>> if you put the glasses on and go long, it will still be wet.

>> mark, catch!

>> oh!

>> still working.

>> here we have the grill going outdoors, everybody party has a grill, this is the kenmore elite, and what's really hot this year is colors and this is brand new, just came out only a week ago, vermilion red and the best part about this, al, feel how heavy that is.

>> that's not heavy at all.

>> oh, he's been doing weights. lift that. lift that.

>> that's a heavy cover?

>> that's heavy.

>> okay, that's heavyduty, man.

>> let's get to the bar.

>> we have cast iron grates, good heat and the steak is made with char crest rub and also you can do any type.

>> it's a heavy lid.

>> it's a heavy lid. here we have two items from dorchill which keep it chilled in a chamber that does not make the bar wet.

>> nice.

>> what's nice is this is all new this year, it's from bella luna, which they make a very romantic patio set . you can set the outdoor lighting of your patio, your bar, this is a three-piece bar set here from agio and great way to bring it over to a blender.

>> willie, lift up this bar.