TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Restaurant bars kids under 18

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including a sushi restaurant in Alexandria, Va., that only serves adults, saying parents need time out alone.

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>> our first take on take three is the major league baseball scandal, new reports from espn major league baseball set to suspend about 20 players, headlined by yankees' superstar alex rodriguez for using performance-enhancing drugs, could be the largest drug case in american sports history. they're saying the suspensions could be as long as 100 games for some of these guys.

>> that's a lot of superstars.

>> that's a lot. a-rod, ryan braun , who is a big star , melky cabrera on the blue jays . this goes back to they call it an anti-aging clinic in miami allegedly supplying performance-enhancing drugs to different players. no charges yet, looking into this guy.

>> there's not a lot of substantial charges, it's basically names in a book.

>> literally scribbled names in a book.

>> how many clients who were visiting and who got what. so it remains to be seen what will be revealed.

>> exactly. so this did get us thinking. it's not the first time we've heard a-rod and ryan braun as well.

>> superstar heroes for kids.

>> a-rod one time the biggest stars in baseball, barry bonds , go over to golf, tiger woods , lance armstrong .

>> think of all the scandals in the sports world .

>> if you look back through history, there are a lot of these all the way back to, you know, questions about babe ruth , about lou gherrig and different people, but i think our media was different then.

>> right.

>> our sports heroes were normal human beings , regular human beings with flaws just like the rest of us, but we didn't report everything.

>> right.

>> but we were talking about it more not so much in the sports context but as parents who have young kids who play little league or play, you know, a lot of the sports at some of our superhero athletes as we see them are exalted, put on a pedestal and we see they do, they show their flaws, and then you have to explain to your kids well what did they do, how did they do it? it's a good lesson for them but at the same time it makes it hard as a parent to say, well, you know, that guy not so great after all.

>> i will say, though, as a guy who follows sports for every a-rod there's a derek jeept jeter, in the nba there is a kevin durant . if you invest that much in an athlete for your kid, you should reevaluate a little bit.

>> the other thing, teaching who our real heroes are, firefighters, teachers, police officers , our men and women in service uniforms.

>> but sadly in this day and age kids when you ask them what do you want to do when you grow up? oh i want to be a big superstar either, or reality tv star or i want to play in a sports and be a professional athlete because they see that's where the fame is. they're not, sadly, they don't see enough attention given to the true heroes .

>> we just got a statement actually from major league baseball , from the senior vp for public relations at mlb saying "since we're in the midst of an active investigation we cannot comment." this is a report that came --

>> so it's a non-comment about it.

>> until we know more, no further commenting.

>>> our take two, the no kids allowed restaurant. do you like this idea?

>> i think it's brilliant.

>> a restaurant in alexandria, virginia, it says no one under 18 allowed inside the restaurant.

>> at any time?

>> at any time. before we think this guy is an anti-kid restaurant owners has three restaurants of his own and two other restaurants that are teeming with kids. he said this is an oasis if you want a quiet night with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever it is, come here.

>> i think it 's wonderful . i think a lot of parents probably would like to have a place where they can go and a night to have a babysitter, leave the kids at home and go to a special place where you can have the romantic evening out, without the kids.

>> i'm mixed about it. i get it, believe me. because we like going out for a nice evening without our children, but i see people with their kids there especially if it's early i think between 6:00 and 8:00, there are kids there. i don't get that upset.

>> you have a choice. this guy's made a decision for this particular restaurant that it works for him.

>>> our take three, talking songs of the summer.

>> no, i don't think we have to talk about it. no, i feel like you no he what?

>> we should play it.

>> i'd like to go back to something that happened yesterday.

>> oh, okay. you can do that.

>> we were talking about how we met our spouses and our weddings and we put this picture up of --

>> oh, no.

>> take a look at this. this is natalie 's wedding picture. it just didn't go well. take a listen.

>> do we have natalie 's wedding picture as long as we're throwing it up?

>> we do, i think so. yep, my dad with the bad piece back then.

>> whoa!

>> wow!

>> what the heck?!

>> sorry, dad.

>> by the way, nobody would have known that was a piece.

>> no, he said to me after the wedding he was like, why did you let me take those pictures with that piece? he knows it was a bad piece.

>> you know the good news is, father's day's coming up. what would you like for father's day, dad? hey, how about you throw me under the bus?

>> so we had to go back there?

>> we did. we figured equal time . mario morales is on the phone.

>> good morning, what would you like to say to your daughter?

>> good morning. i've been the, i've taken a lot of flack over the years for wearing that, we used to call it the rat rug, but i felt that period of my life was kind of long gone and forgotten, but now natalie resurrected it with that picture.

>> sorry, dad.

>> and before a national audience. you can imagine --

>> it's so much more useful now.

>> i got a big chuckle out of it yesterday, it was a big surprise and to have my face folded in like that, that was a big surprise.

>> thanks, "today" show is what he's saying.

>> no, thanks to natalie . did you get much reaction from family and friends, mr. morales ?

>> quite a bit. i got a lot of phone calls right after that.

>> now mr. morales --

>> sorry.

>> natalie comes she pleaded with you in the weeks before the wedding to lose what she calls the bad rug. did you ever consider not wearing the rug to the wedding ?

>> i did. however, i got used to it and i did not want to make a drastic change to my appearance just before the wedding so it was soon after the wedding , though, that i took it off permanently.

>> i'll tell you what predated the rug was a very bad combover, so.

>> wow! you just doubled down.

>> we gave you a chance to make amends.

>> for years we've been telling my dad you look so much better, just be free of it.

>> and he looks great in the picture we see here.

>> see?

>> i didn't believe you.

>> we love you.

>> i love you, too. hopefully we won't have to talk about that rat rug ever again.

>> it's all over now, mr. morales .

>> it had its own private memorial service .

>> thanks for calling in, and happy father's day.

>> thank you very much.

>> dad i'll call you later.

>> okay, bye, natalie . love you.

>> did you really have a ceremony where you buried it in the backyard?

>> willard scott used to have one like that.

>> he'd keep it in a drawer.

>> it's alive!

>> do you feel better having worked through that with your dad?

>> thanks for that therapy session.

>> that's what we're here for. so much for the songs of the summer, we'll talk about that another time. you got me all ready for that.