TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Heart troubles haunt all 5 kids in Oregon family

After Jason and Stacy Bingham’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with heart failure in 2006 and needed a transplant, the couple had their other children tested for heart problems. They received the devastating news that all five shared the same condition. Keith Morrison of “Dateline” shares their poignant story.

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>>> life and death health crisis, facing all five of their children.

>> as nbc's keith larson explains they're doing it with remarkable strength and incredible attitude. keith good to see you.

>> good to see you. good morning. life was just about perfect for this family, good career, beautiful home, happy kids, and then one of them gets a tummy ache , a trip to the doctor, and it changed everything.

>> a group hug .

>> reporter: what is happening to the bingham family, jason and stacey and their five children is an intensely personal and terrifying odyssey. in 2006 the bingham 's eldest daughter sierra was diagnosed with heart failure , 6 at the time. sierra had a heart transplant and survived. just in case, her parents had the entire family tested for heart disease and all the rest of them were given a clean bill of health.

>> they all came out normal, so we thought, good, rule that out, that's not an issue then.

>> reporter: but by summer 8-year-old lindsay got a tummy ache and the bingham 's world fell apart. her parents learned she, too, needed a heart transplant . she was life-flighted to the hospital and put on a mechanical heart pump to wait for an organ donor .

>> we were sat down and told of our five children that all of them either had cardiomyopathy or flaggers that they watched.

>> reporter: the doctors were astonished, too. all the bingham children, every single one will be confronted with the distinct possibility of one day requiring a heart transplant , because of a deadly condition called dilated cardiomyopathy . the family waited for a heart for lindsay . christmas came and went. and then -- after nearly eight months of waiting the family learned a match, a donor heart had been found.

>> guess what?

>> i have it! you have it?

>> you have a heart!

>> you do!

>> yeah!

>> reporter: with her baby blanket transformed into a superhero cape, she is ready to face the scariest event of her young life .

>> love you lindsay lou.

>> reporter: lindsay got her new heart on valentine's day.

>> everything went very, very smoothly.

>> reporter: but lindsay 's transplant is just the beginning, both she and sierra face a lifetime of expensive medication, constant testing. her brother, gauge, who is just 4, already has a pacemaker and most likely he'll need a transplant, too. but for the moment, the bingham family is celebrating what they have.

>> we've walked away twice now two children still alive, and that's more than some parents can say and we can go home with five children.

>> go.