TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Lupica: Possible MLB drug scandal could be ‘epic’

Sports columnist Mike Lupica talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about an ESPN report that the owner of a clinic with ties to performance-enhancing drugs could implicate some of the biggest names in baseball, including the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez.

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>> reporter: and fans like these in milwaukee are worried, too.

>> i'm so disappointed because he is the celebrity love of my life .

>> i'll still support my team but you know, if he's done something wrong he's got to own up to it.

>> still very early in this investigation. the report from espn just came out yesterday. we're not sure exactly what bosch will tell investigators but matt this will clearly take over the sports world and perhaps the news world for the next few days. it's not based on positive tests. it's just a notebook held by this guy bosch down in florida.

>> willie, thank you very much. let's bring in veteran sports columnist mike lupika from the "new york daily news." good morning. it seems you're uncomfortable with the reporting at this time.

>> well, matt, they have an agreement in place for tony bosch to flip, but as of this time they don't know what he's going to tell them, and who he's going to tell them about, so until they sit down with bosch , unless he gets squirrely now because of these news reports, they could be -- matt, they could be talking about 100-game suspensions or 1,000-game suspensions or 1 million game suspensions. they don't know what he's going to say yet until he does flip but he hasn't flipped yet.

>> are you comfortable with the names that are out there, like alex rodriguez and ryan braun , the people who are said to be associated with anthony bosch ?

>> yeah, because i don't think they wrote their own names into his ledgers in his books. this goes back to the original reporting on this story about this, i'm putting air brackets around this "anti-aging" clinic down there in south florida and "miami new times" had all these names and so these names have been out there. what major league baseball is looking to do is confirm what they think those names were in there for, which means getting baseball drugs from this guy.

>> if they do confirm that, mike, what's the impact on the sport?

>> the impact on the sport will be epic, because they've never had the kingpin flip like this, and then all of this labor piece that we have had for so long in baseball, the players' union is going to fight any sorts of suspensions against a-rod or ryan braun or anybody else. this is just the beginning of the story. again, depending on what bosch gives up.

>> and let's concentrate quickly at the end on alex rodriguez back in 2009 he admitted to using those substances while he was with the texas rangers . now he's trying to come back from an injury. if he is implicated in this scandal again what is the result and the impact on his career?

>> oh, i don't think he can come back from this, you know, because he lied once about his use of drugs. he came up -- matt, he came one a preposterous version that he only used them for those three years in texas because doing it apparently more than that would have been wrong, wrong, wrong, and i think the yankee also try to find some way to get out of paying a big chunk of the $114 million they still owe this guy.

>> still waiting to hear what anthony bosch tells investigators from major league baseball over the next couple of days. mike