TODAY   |  June 05, 2013

Stage a room for less than $100

Designer Sabrina Soto explains how staging rooms in your house can help attract potential buyers. Ways to do it inexpensively include moving items from other rooms, de-cluttering, and clearing out all person and family photos.

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>>> is that staging costs a lot of money. really the truth is, if your place is in good shape, it's all by adding a few punches of color and some fresh flowers. less than $100 per room, i'm going to spruce this place up. when you walk through the front door, your potential buyer should be treated with a light and bright space with no clutter. usual a console table is a catchall. listen, i get it. it's a little inconvenient, but everything has to be put away. my goodness. even if you have no budget whatsoever, cleaning can go a long way. when you're in the dining room , don't feel like you have to completely put out a whole dinner service. just a few fresh flowers is good enough. use something from another part of the house into a new space. no shoes out, ever, ever, ever. this is the christmas tree stand. just sayin'. so i spent nothing except for the cost of a few flowers and treats for the real estate agent and their guests. really it's about decluttering cleaning, and brightening the space.

>>> so in this room we have pretty good, we just need to declutter. when selling your house, there are no personal photos allowed. you want the buyer to envision themselves in the house and not see tons of family photos around. when you're decluttering, this doesn't mean throw everything in the closet. buyer will look into every nook and cranny of your home. when they open every closet door, you want to make sure the spaces are well organized, too. the key is when arranging furniture, you want 36 inches between a big piece of furniture and another piece off the wall. the kitchen is the heart of the home. this can make or break a sale. with a kitchen this good, tushd be uncluttered. you want to show off all the counter space you have, so again clear it out. after you clean your stainless steel . just dab mineral oil on a rag, and it creates a little film to keep all the fingerprints away. under an hour, and just one trip to the grocery store, i was able to stage this entire place, which shows you don't have to spend a lot of money. you just need to clean, declutter, and spew up