TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

6 beauty blunders to avoid this summer

Lois Joy Johnson from AARP shows Kathie Lee and Hoda the best ways to prevent saggy skin, sun damage and overprocessed hair during the sunny summer months.

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>>> people. then you know age and gravity start rearing their ugly heads on your body.

>> your hair starts to lose its luster, your skin starts to sag. so johnson aarp's beauty contributor has products to help you enjoy the summer.

>> hey, lois.

>> take us down.

>> sunscreen, first.

>> there's a new study out of australia that says wearing sunscreen slows down aging. so everybody has got to do it. and some companies really get it. the fda has a new ruling. now sunscreen that says broad spectrum uva/uvb. like neutrogena.

>> which always does great products.

>> and we just put this one on.

>> this is fantastic.

>> l'oreal.

>> that's going home with momma.

>> that's the only time hoda will wear sunscreen .

>> i like it, it smells so good.

>> it has argan oil in it. so everything deaging. new body serums, because we're showing more skin, showing our arms and legs.

>> whoops? not that skin.

>> this is a serum. which means it's very concentrated.

>> so you don't need as much?

>> you don't use as much, but you get more.

>> and this is --

>> it's a weird application.

>> this is sit tight. it has caffeine in it, it gets rid of all the secellulite.

>> cc cream. you don't want to wear a lot of makeup during the summer. it's light cosmetics and this is super goop.

>> what's super goop?

>> it has a tint in it, you're wearing your tint, your sunscreen and all your deaging stuff.

>> the kitchen sink in everything.

>> for the eyes, eventually we're going it take off our sunglasses.

>> what happens to those?

>> you either want retinol, which is dr. brant glow or minerals, copper zinc magnesium.

>> you put it underneath your eye?

>> and you it makes wearing eye makeup in the summer a lot more fun.

>> cc cream again, this time for your hair. you know our hair gets dry and brittle.

>> yes.

>> it takes back the shine, makes it feel like healthy hair.

>> when do you put that on?

>> you style your hair with it.

>> or wear it at the pool or beach.

>> if you put your hair or a pony tail .

>> done. and one more thing, this is color well. it's got a tint in it i don't want to spray it on you, because it's purple. you foam up your hair, it has more volume and it counteracts yellowing.

>> tomorrow, the big home show . we've got the five hottest