TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

7 ways to eat healthier at the ballpark

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom quizzes Kathie Lee and Hoda about their knowledge of ballpark foods and drinks. She explains how many calories are in hot dogs and beer, and offers advice on how to make healthy food choices when enjoying a game this summer. 

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>>> time for madelyn's food fight . if you're looking for something healthy at the concession stand at the ball game, you're probably striking out. what are your best options? our daylight and nutrition editor, madelyn fernstrom is about to put us to the test.

>> i know you girls eat a lot of ballpark food. this is chicago's version, it's got onions, tomatoes, and it's a foot-long.

>> does your chicago hotdog have more or less than 800 calories? what?

>> good.

>> i i say it has less than 800.

>> i say it has 950.

>> it has more. what is more familiar than peanuts and crackerjacks. here we have six ounces of each. there's more crackerjacks because it's fluffier. which one is lower calories?

>> peanuts.

>> no.

>> i was going to say that.

>> the crackerjacks have 600, but the nuts have 1,000 calories.

>> how do we know how many nuts are over there?

>> i can't see anything.

>> i have one.

>> so, i got that one.

>> you got that one.

>> so even on that -- heart-healthy fat, i want you to tell me how much fat is in this container, can you see it this far?

>> okay. no, you're the expert, you tell us. 50, 75 or 100 grams of fat. hoda?

>> what were the answers?

>> 75.

>> kathie lee , you can finish strong.

>> 100.

>> 100, you're right.

>> just a guess.

>> now we're going to move on to, we're going to have a true and false. it is possible to buy some raw veggies and hummus at a ballpark. true.

>> yes, it's true.

>> only if you're at a ballpark in egypt.

>> no, good one!

>> let's switch to some liquids and see what we want to drink at the ballpark. here we have three 16-ounce drinks, one of these has 200 calories, the other has more, lemonade, the cola or the smoothie.

>> the cola has 200.

>> yes.

>> that is absolutely true.

>> let's --

>> come on, kathie lee , keep trying.

>> i'm right here.

>> let's check out the beer.

>> the 16-ounce draft beer . does this have 200, 300 or 400 calories?

>> 400.

>> no.

>> 300.

>> no, 200!

>> all right, madelyn.

>> enjoy yourself. so a lot of ballparks have expanded food offerings, not just hotdogs any more. something popular is a brisket sandwich on a nice roll with barbeque sauce . now you're going to walk this off. if 100 calories is about a mile, if you walk a mile you burn 100 calories, how many miles to work this off, six, nine or 12?

>> nine.

>> about 900 calories.

>> the tiebreaker. okay.

>> you had nachos, now think carefully.

>> listen carefully. how many hotdogs, plain, regular hotdogs are equal in calories to these nachos? is it one, two, or four?

>> four.

>> it is four.

>> and.

>> that looks so darn good to me. the hotdogs, the nachos and the beer.

>> look what i got!

>> yeah!

>> oh, my god, i got a good one.

>> this is a great one. that's a great one.

>> okay.

>> i wish it was kathie lee .

>> she doesn't roll that way.