TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

‘Revenge Wears Prada’: ‘The Devil’ 10 years later

Lauren Weisberger, author of “Revenge Wears Prada,” the sequel to “The Devil Wears Prada,” discusses how she’s been thinking about the characters and their development over the last decade, and her hopes for a movie sequel.

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>>> we're back on this booze-day tuesday on "today" with the much-anticipated sequel to "the devil wears prada " that went on to become one of the hottest chick flicks .

>> it starred anne hathaway and meryl streep . and they meet again in the new sequel called "revenge wears prada."

>> it's been ten years, we've been waiting.

>> and you've written a couple of books in between.

>> i have.

>> it's not like you've been sitting eating bon-bones after the million-dollar box office .

>> i thought i really want to see what's going on with these characters.

>> it was a ten-year time period in their lives.

>> yes, i did not pick up right where the book leaves off with andy 's big f-you moment. she's ten years older and she has her own magazine now.

>> she's different, she's married.

>> right when you open the book. you've not giving away too much because she's getting married right there at the top.

>> getting married. editor in chief of her own magazine. i'm not giving away too much when i say she's back, paired with her old nemesis, emily.

>> i loved.

>> and they're best friends now.

>> how did that happen?

>> got to read to find out.

>> okay. so during this ten-year period, even though you were writing other things, were you fomenting in your mind, you know what, oh, what if she got married. and or is it, did you just leave it alone . because i love to write and i'm fascinated by other people's process.

>> i've always been thinking about it. always. i love these characters, i hope other people do as well and i thought it would be so much fun to go back and check in with them and so much happens in your 20s in ten years. what happened to andy .

>> and she evolves andy 's character a lot. we remember her, she evolved a lot in book number one.

>> she did, she's definitely grown up. she has a lot more confidence. she's like we said, she's married, she's an editor now and you think of course, just when everything is going really well --

>> of course --

>> she's back.

>> now we know in real life you worked at vogue.

>> yes.

>> with anna wintour . did you ever hear from her? what's it like do run into her now?

>> is she nice to you?

>> i've been writing books, i'm knee-deep in changing diapers. our paths are just not crossing.

>> so -- if you ran into her -- hypothetical, if you ran into her like on the way out, what do you think she would do?

>> i am not sure about that. i'm not even sure if she would --

>> would she say hi, nice to meet you?

>> nice to see you again.

>> oh, that's right.

>> when you see the film, when you saw the first film, was it true to your book and do you think there's going to be a sequel coming out?

>> i would have although that.

>> i loved what they did with the movie. i thought it was so much fun and you're like, you're not supposed to say that as an author. never love what they did, i thought they did such an amazing job. how do you beat that cast? that's as good as it gets. they were incredible.

>> you know that meryl puts on that wig and those clothes and she sun believable.

>> we wish you great luck.

>> everybody is going to be beating down the door for this book.

>> and you look the same as you did ten years ago, it's really, really annoying.

>> thank you.

>> ajd i'm going to see lauren tomorrow at bryant park .

>> hoda going to be doing a q&a thing with her.