TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

9 gifts for recent college graduates

Graduating from college and entering the real world can be scary, but’s Emily Fleischaker is here with some gift ideas to help graduates feel like adults, including personalized business cards and a slow cooker.

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>>> this morning on today's buzz list powered by buzz feed gifts for the college grad, it's time for them to enter the real world so why not get them gifts they really can use.

>> senior food editor is here with a list of presents to help the new graduate feel like an adult or create the illusion he's got his life together. emily good to see you..

>> vacuum cleaner, are they going to want that?

>> it's the thing a recent college grad would never buy themselves but it will come in so handy. we really love this one because it's cordless and you know millenials and cords bad scene. this does this amazing thing.

>> it's got the dust buster . okay.

>> so this is one of my favorites.

>> expensive?

>> it's $150, it's electrolux called the ergorapido.

>> this situation is awesome for breakfast. it's all in bun.

>> this is incredible. it poaches egg and toasts bread at the same time. it also soft boils and hard boils eggs.

>> wow.

>> you can heat up the canadian bacon .

>> on top at the same time.

>> pop it out, a perfect sandwich.

>> one-stop shop i love it.

>> entire kitchen if you're a 22-year-old guy.

>> it's better than the one i had growing up. business cards .

>> these are personalized business cards and they make a nice impression if you're going to a job interview and you don't need much, it's okay you don't have a job yet, just your name, e-mail, twitter handle and shows the potential employer you have your act together.

>> over here is a slow cooker, this is always good, if you want to get out of the the house quickly and come back to a nice dinner.

>> well we call this the gateway to cooking for young people because you can just throw stuff in there and it comes out delicious and you know, as a bonus for a recent college grad you can make the apartment smell like mom's pot roast .

>> set it and forget it situation.

>> totally walk away.

>> they don't have keg parties to go to anymore but you're taking care of this with the beer of the month club.

>> it's sad not to have a keg party every night but this is the beer of the month club and each month you get 12 beers in the mail taken helps the recent college grad figure out what they actually like to taste in their beer rather than just sort of guzzle it.

>> cool. pasta strainers are big.

>> pasta and the strainer in one.

>> like it or not your kid's probably going to be eating pasta four times a week and this is really nice it twists and locks so you can pick it up and turn it over.

>> who makes this?

>> bioletti and it's $35.

>> suculent plants they can't kill. this is something i need.

>> they can grow indoors, don't need to be watered very often, very on trend in the design world.

>> they are.

>> it's a great gift for a young person .

>> i just bought a bunch for my backyard because i can't kill them.

>> when my wife got married my wife threw out every single one, she said not in my house.

>> when you graduate from college you might realize or you might not you don't have a single cup that matches. these are enormal ware, enamel ware, cool, and they're a nice upgrade from the red solo cup .

>> you have the wood speakers here, good quality?

>> they are and they naturally amplify the sound in a cool way.

>> without electricity.

>> no electricity.