TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

Get rid of extra pounds, clutter once and for all

Whether it’s extra stuff crowding your home or extra pounds crowding your waistline, professional organizer Dorothy Breininger can help you get rid of it. She talks about some of the tips featured in her new book, “Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff.”

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>> professional organizer dorothy breninger is the author of "stuff your face or face your stuff" great title and advices on "hoarders" good morning.

>> hello.

>> what is the link between clutter and weight?

>> a study says people are wanting to lose weight but don't want to diet so much. i'm looking at it from a new approach, how do you say here is all this clutter but here is all this clutter and there's a correlation.

>> how do you know you've got a clutter problem?

>> there's a clutter problem when you start missing appointments, right, when you are not returning phone calls, you're not hanging up your clothes, reading your mail. maybe i need to look at me, too.

>> some people are disorganized or maybe a little bit messy but as we've learned with hoarding it is now a psychiatric illness , correct?

>> right it's in the dsm manual a mental illness and it's being diagnosed that way.

>> so you make the, you talk about in your book there's a very clear correlation between the weight link and the clutter in your life and you actually have some great tips for us on organizing you think may help you lose weight as well. can you take us through some of them?

>> one of them is your bewitching hour, what time you cave in and go for the contraba contraband.

>> that would be me.

>> and the other one is to be compassionate with yourself. i like it if you take a baby photo of you, put it across from you so you can see it and say would i feed that little girl that kind of food? would i be acting that way to that little girl ?

>> let's bring in a couple of your clients, deedee barton and valerie paglisi.

>> hi, ladies. you've changed both their lives. let's start with deedee. how are you?

>> i'm great.

>> you brought dorothy to help you with your paperwork.

>> my husband and i have an accounting firm and hundreds of thousands of pieces of data and paper so i thought well she can help me manage my system but what she actually did was help me grow my business by just better organizing strategies and then made time for getting everything done.

>> we look at your stats as well in the process of decluttering you also lost 20 pounds, is that right?

>> well i like to say that i really lost 40 because i was gaining every year, so at first i had to just stop the carnage of the weight gain so i figured once i stopped that was the same as losing. there you go.

>> valerie , what about you?

>> i had hired dorothy to help me with my garage. i was losing my home and able to pack up everything else but the garage was where i was stuffing everything, and i've lost over 100 pounds.

>> wow.

>> cleaning out the garage and cleaning out your life in the process.

>> yes, and i got rid of the old house and husband in between and so.

>> so you lost about 240 pounds!

>> i did.

>> pretty good deal, all right!

>> that's a lot of poundage.

>> the book is "stuff your face or face your stuff." dorothy , deedee, valerie thank you so much. we're back in a moment but this is