TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

Author unveils ‘Devil Wears Prada’ sequel

It’s been 10 years since the boss from hell took the publishing world by storm when “The Devil Wears Prada” climbed to the top of the best-seller list and later became a  hit movie. The book’s author, Lauren Weisberger, talks about the long-awaited sequel, “Revenge Wears Prada.”

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>>> this morning on "today's sizzling summer reads" the highly anticipated sequel to "the devil wears prada ." it has been ten years since the boss from hell took the publishing world by storm and became a hit movie starring anne hath hathaway and meryl streep . now the boss and assistant are back together for better or worse.

>> hello, mrs. priestley 's office. that's what i meant, miranda priestley 's office.

>> when we first met andy sachs, she was working as an assistant to the powerful and ruthless editor-in-chief miranda priestley .

>> i need 10 or 15 skirts from calvin klein .

>> okay, what kind of skirts do you --

>> please bore someone else with your questions.

>> andy struggles to hold on to her job and sanity as she catered to miranda 's every demand.

>> so the book better be here no later than 3:00.

>> of course.

>> all the while sacrificing her personal relationships and her own values.

>> i couldn't say no.

>> i know that's your answer for everything. i didn't have a choice like this job was forced on you like you don't make these decisions yourself.

>> okay.

>> but andy ultimately decides to ditch her job and miranda priestley choosing herself over her career. now andy and miranda are back in the hotly anticipated sequel "revenge wears prada " and fans of "the devil wears prada " are lining up to get their hands on a copy.

>> " devil wears prada " is one of my favorite books. i can't wait.

>> i'm a fashionista and i love the way she talks about clothes and the fashion world.

>> read the second book and see where all the characters have gone, exciting.

>> i read it so many years ago, where is the sequel. where is the sequel?

>> right here.

>> lawrence weissbe berger is the author of the book "revenge wears prada ." why did you make us wear ten years of this. i'm a huge fan of "the devil wears prada ." was it intimidating to attempt it?

>> i've been wanting to write the sequel for years and with the ten-year mark coming it up seemed perfect, so much happens in a decade in all of our lives especially in your 20s and 30s and i just really wanted to check back in with andy and emily and miranda and see what was going on with them.

>> i'm not giving anything away but the two do meet again but ten years have passed, a lot happens in ten years so catch us up on andy a little bit. i understand she's gotten married and has a successful business.

>> that's right, she's married, when the book opens with a wedding and now editor-in-chief of her own magazine and one of the parts that was most fun for me to write she's reunited with her former emily, the two are partners in crime . just when it seems like everything is going perfectly for them she's back.

>> the movie was such a hit and we both liked to watch the movie whenever it's on. authors tell you they don't like the movie version but in your case you felt they really hit it.

>> i did, i loved it. as an author you're not supposed to say i love a movie to adapt my work but i thought they did such a phenomenal job and for me it was a dream come true to create these characters and watch them come to life on the big screen .

>> it must be gratifying as we saw in the piece, people really want to see what happened to these characters, that people really care and they're actually waiting for the next chapter.

>> it's so exciting for me and it was really fun to sit back down, kind of revisit these characters and think, you know, really what could be going on now? what could be happening in their life. there's all things they're struggling with.

>> when we last left andy was going to i anewspaper, leaving the publishing world. now she's back with this glossy website and one reviewer said has she sold out. what do you say to that?

>> the andy in the first book was 22-year-old, naive and wide eyed and the andy in this book, ten years later, grown up, confide confident, has her own magazine and she's learned that i think writing in any way in this city is major accomplishment and i'm happy that she's doing what she loves.

>> quickly, you hope there will be a movie for this one?

>> i would love that. that would be so much fun to see that again.

>> we'd all love it. we're doing "sizzling summer reads." you have a recommendation for your viewers?

>> i just finished a book called "me before you" by jojo moyes which i loved, and another book called "the lost wife" by alison richmond and currently reading, half way into it, "the interestings" by meg wolitzer .

>> and "revenge wears prada ."