TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

New law gives parents tickets for kids’ bullying

TODAY’s Professionals – Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Star Jones, and Donny Deutsch – debate the topics making headlines today, including a new anti-bullying ordinance in Monona, Wis., that allows police to ticket parents for their children’s bullying behavior.

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>>> we're back now, :36, we've got "today's professionals" the gang's back together to tackle the day's hot topics, star jones , donny deutsch and dr. nancy snyderman . folks to see you, good morning. in a close split decision in the supreme court 5-4 the court ruled that police at the time of an arrest can collect dna samples from the person they arrest. you go back to the headquarters, used to be they take your fingerprints and take a fphoto, now they can swab the inside of your cheek for a dna sample.

>> for me as an attorney i'm looking for every single investigative tool as a prosecutor. i want the latest technology and dna is the latest technology, from a personal point of view, i'm in the middle of an investigation into the death of someone i cared about, so yes, emotionally you want all this but as a civil rights person, eh, where is the dna going to go.

>> they haven't been charged with a crime or arraigned. all of a sudden you have my dna sample in the system.

>> what's the difference between that and the fingerprint? it's the 21st century fingerprint.

>> it is more than a fingerprint, your living, breathing map, it's more complex and it opens up all kinds of things. who owns that data. could it ever be for research, could it be hacked?

>> it's all it is, is more than a fingerprint.

>> investigatively if you have a latent fingerprint to match it to. dna map of some person's entire body.

>> they use it for science.

>> but we don't know if it's going to go anywhere else.

>> and i thought the bed fellows fascinating, three women liberals with antonin scalia .

>> said the real purpose of the dna collecting would be to help solve cold cases , something not allowed under the fourth amendment according to the justice. talk about this one, wisconsin one community has passed a measure where if your child continues to bully other children after a certain point, the parents will be punished, they'll be ticketed. it's a $114 fine the first time, the next violation $177 fine. will this help curb bullying?

>> i love this. this is one of my most favorite things we've ever talked about. every time i hear from a parent whose kid is bullied and they reach out to the other parent, without exception the parent is the jerk also. make the parents accountable, because you have a jerky kid, you got jerky parents.

>> that's a broad statement. i'm not sure that's true.

>> matt, you know what -- did your kids ever bully?

>> no. but do i know some good people who have bad kids, yes.

>> bully is something that can be controlled.

>> this rule takes it into account, if the parent has been trying and the parent is involved, then they're not going to get a ticket, but this is for those parents that when you knock on their door --

>> they're going to say can this hold up in the law, municipal finding?

>> yes because this is not a criminal sanction, it's a ticket, and local ordinances --

>> the problem bullying is rampant, suicide in teenagers is rampant. something has to be done. we sit here all the time, it may not be the perfect first step i laud it.

>> even though i don't agree with your first statement i do think it is good.

>>> michael douglas said "this particular cancer is caused by hpv, human papilloma virus , which actually comes about from oral sex ," as you might imagine that landed him on the front page of a couple of papers and on some websites. take me through the medical side of it.

>> eight years ago we couldn't have said oral sex on television and we're talking about stds and the real sit human papilloma virus causes cancer of the cervix , it causes cancer of the mouth and we know that the hpv vaccine in pre-teen kids can prevent the transmissions of the virus that can cause cancer. so i laud him for saying it. i'm sorry retracted it.

>> he didn't say it was the direct cause of his cancer, he was mentioning some of the potential causes.

>> can i ask a medical question, i'm not being glib. as an adult that means you don't have oral sex anymore?

>> all of us probably have hpv, it's a virus that's everywhere.

>> what is the prescription for people out there?

>> you can not as an adult get your vaccine.

>> what do we do sexually? let's say a 50-year-old person is out, does that mean they don't have oral sex ?

>> you have your normal sex life . the reality is you are already exposed and what's going to happen is going to happen and you're probably not going to spread it to anybody else because people, our age is populated and we just hijacked this from matt.

>> not at all, important discussion. i have 20 seconds left.

>> vaccinate your kids.

>> penelope cruz , is 40 too old for a bond girl ?

>> she's the bond girl .

>> the bond audience wants to continue to grow one the franchise.

>> she looks better than most 20-year-olds so please.

>> halle berry , do you think we'd have this conversation? she's fabulous and they've been after her for years.

>> not confirmed but we'll see what happens.

>> do you like it in.

>> i do like it.

>> i like it good!

>> star, donny, dr. nancy, thanks.

>>> up next one of the hottest books of the summer, we'll talk to the author of the follow-up of the