TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

Report: Sunscreen year-round could slow aging

A new study out of Australia shows that just 15 minutes of sun can age you. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on the study, saying if you use sunscreen “like hand cream,” you can stall the process of aging.

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>>> trending in health just in time for summer, one of the ap's top stories today is a must read about sunscreen. we all know about its ability to prevent skin cancer , but a new study is giving us some of the strongest evidence yet that near daily use of sunscreen can also slow down the skin's aging process . nancy snyderman walking in just in time for this.

>> hey, guys.

>> what is the takeaway here?

>> the takeaway, what we all know we put sunscreen on our faces and forget about the rest of our bodies, a study out of australia showing 15 minutes of sun on any part of your body can age you and if you think it doesn't matter, hold your hand up to your face and look at the difference because especially if you're driving, that left hand really takes a beating, uva, uvb rays, sunscreen slathered on several times a day, use it like hand cream , and it cuts down on the aging. so if you're not worried about cancer, the fine wrinkles will get you.

>> whether it's sunny or not.

>> it comes through.

>> a lot of my girlfriends were sending this around, why zodidn't we know this 20 years ago.

>> a lot of people who are 55 found even in middle age if you started using sunscreen you can roll back the aging of your skin two and a half, three years, so it's never too late and i think it's important for everybody to go out and get sunscreen, use it every day liberally but make sure it's broad spectrum . this is where you have to read the labels.

>> we'll be taking a bath in sunscreen.