TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

See Jockey’s new bra-sizing kit in action

Jockey has announced it has developed a new bra-sizing system that may revolutionize how women shop for undergarments. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie takes a first look at the kit in action.

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>>> on friday's trending we told but jockey's new sizing system for bras so this morning we are getting our first look at that kit in action. mariah santagrossi is the director of women's design for jockey. mariah, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we are throwing out the 34c, 32c in favor of this new sizing system, briefly before we show it explain how it works.

>> it works off of a three-dimensional fit system, so we have ten fit cups that were based off of doing body scans of over 800 women to come up with ten unique shapes and sizes.

>> did you find that women really hate this sizing system? a lot of women complain about i can't get the right size. do they want a new sizing system?

>> we know we're not happy with the sizing system because so many people are in between sizes, there's so much opportunity for to us find something that makes women more comfortable. we have ten cups instead of four cups. we have 55 sizes instead of 12 sizes so it's as close to custom fit as you can get.

>> show me how this doesn't make it more complicated. you order the kit for $19.95 and what do you get?

>> you order the kit for $19.95 and get volumetric fit cups and color coded metric tape. you need to find the cup that looks like it will fit you the best and then you need to try it on.

>> we don't make you do it, miryha.

>> thank you. you can go one up or one down and drop your breast tissue into the cup and you want to find the cup that, i'll demonstrate it on the mannequin that fits out any gapping or spillage. this is a little bit small for your mannequin and this is too big, gapping. what you want is something a perfectly snug fit.

>> once you get the cup size it's a number, say i'm a number two and then the traditional find what your rib wage size.

>> instead of other bra brands where you add a number it becomes an equation it's just the number of the measurement of your underbust.

>> samantha is trying on one of the, you fit her for a bra.

>> we did fit her and she is wearing a 2/30. i could demonstrate if you don't mind on you.

>> why not, samantha, you're already committed.

>> imeputting a ci'm putting a cup size four so she's not filling this up entirely. too much space here and too much space here. this cup here you could see is obviously too small.

>> okay.

>> what you really are looking for is a very snug fit and if she wasn't wearing the bra that added the perimeter you'd see it fits her perfectly.

>> once you have your size you can order, you'll know that from going forward. and you always have the kit, it's $20 and if you buy the bra you get that back.

>> and you have the kit for life so i don't know, i just had a baby last year and my bra size changed four times and you can keep reusing the kid to find out what size you are.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you.