TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

Oscar Pistorius’ court case postponed 2 months

The Olympian accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, appeared in court this morning, where a judge chose to postpone his case until August 19. NBC’s Rohit Kachroo reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom comments on the case.

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>>> nbc is in praetoria, south africa south africa , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. oscar pistorius seemed composed as he arrived. he barely spoke a word during the 20-minute hearing which was a big step towards his murder trial. oscar pistorius returned to court today, cameras following him right into the dock. he stood absolutely still for most of the hearing, his case postponed for two months. pistorius is accused of the premeditated murder of reeva steenkamp. very blurred these police pictures leaked to sky news because they're so graphic, showing blood around the toilet, workers on the toilet show which show where bullets struck. he thought he was firing at an intru intruder. his coach says he's traumatized.

>> oscar i'd love to say he's fine but he's not fine.

>> reporter: he recalls oscar 's delight in the romance.

>> he would go and have her an his lap and that's the relationship i saw.

>> reporter: one reads "i miss her so much that i just don't know how to cope without being able to see or touch or talk to her." pistorius will return to court on august 19th . what would have been reeva's 30th birthday. and reeva's parents have given an interview to british koumt te documentary makers saying reeva was afraid of his fast driving. reeva's mother told oscar "if you hurt my baby in any way i will have you wiped out."

>> rohit kachroo, in pretoria, south africa . lisa bloom , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we see postponements all the time in the u.s. legal system. do you read anything into it?

>> i think it's safe to say the side seeking the prosecution is the side that's not yet ready to prove its case at trial and interestingly here that's the prosecution.

>> and the magistrate voiced concerns about media coverage of the trial, it being sensationalized by journalists. but it is a judge who will die decide of this case.

>> there is not a judge on the planet, savannah, that enjoys crime scene photos being leaked to the press and the high profile case this one is but the bottom line as you say there's no jury, i don't see much risk of a taint here.

>> the crime scene photos rather extraordinary evidence leaked to the press since we have seen and you've examined the photos, do you see anything forensically from your standpoint that helps the defense or hurts the defense' argument?

>> both sides in this case concede that oscar pistorius is the one who shot and killed his girlfriend through the bathroom door. the question is why? was it a mistake and when you look closely at the photos the shots are through the bottom half of the door, consistent with his story he heard a sound, he got up, didn't have time to put his prosthetic legs on and instead went on the stumps of his legs and shot to the too from a low angle.

>> we mentioned a couple seconds ago a judge will determine guilt or innocence in this case. normally a defendant wants a jury trial . you have a different take on this. you actually think it benefits potentially oscar pistorius that it's the judge who will determine the case.

>> if i were representing oscar pistorius i would want a judge to try this case. there's so much emotion swirling around this case, social issues in south africa about crime, fear, abuse of women. i would want a judge who would tend to be more rational perhaps and listen to the defense, decide the case based on the evidence. i think this is a good outcome for him.

>> lisa bloom in los angeles for us, thank you so much.