TODAY   |  June 04, 2013

Cleveland kidnapping victims begin rebuilding lives

Nearly a month after three women kept captive more than a decade were rescued from a Cleveland home, NBC’s Kate Snow reports on how they are coping with their newfound freedom as they try to quietly rebuild their lives.

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>>> we're back now at 7:41 with new details on the cleveland kidnapping victim. it's been nearly a month since their dramatic escape from their home where they were kept prisoners for about a decade. kate snow is in cleveland to tell us how the women are adjusting to their newfound freedom.

>> reporter: good morning to you, matt. today an ohio lawmaker would introduce legislation to give the three women $25,000 each over the next ten years plus medical care . you see the house behind me where they stayed for so many years, there's a chain-link fence up and barricade on the roof to keep anyone from jumping in from the house next door because this is still an active crime scene . the neighborhood very quiet much like the other neighborhoods where these women are quietly rebuilding their lives. the tv trucks and police are gone, just a few members of the guardian angels in front of the home of gina dejesus. it's a stark contrast to the scene just four weeks ago when gina pushed through a crowd with a windbreaker over her head, home again, after nearly ten years. so this is basically the last place gina dejesus was seen.

>> right here, heading eastbound.

>> reporter: cleveland city councilman matt zoan has visited several times in this past month. he says gina has been able to blend in, taking walks with friends, a young woman who no longer looks like her missing photo at age 14, the puppy she bonded with as a prisoner is living with her again now.

>> she wants to get her driver's license, interested in going back to school, do the simple things you and i take for granted, she wants to go see a dentist, she wants to go maybe get her hair done.

>> reporter: all the things she's missed out on.

>> half her life for sure.

>> reporter: all three are safe, happy and healing.

>> some survivors are currently looking at apartments and talking about where in one case, amanda berry's case where does she want to raise her child. they're moving on with their lives.

>> reporter: tom stevens is helping run a fund which already raised more than $750,000 to go directly to the survivors at the house of blues on friday, cleveland browns players contributed more.

>> i want to do something where i could really impact and help them.

>> reporter: the home where they were held prisoner is now a bizarre tourist attraction , the owner now a prisoner himself, jail logs show ariel castro has been wandering his cell naked and frequently asking for cleaning products. lawyers for the women say they don't want to speak out until after the trail for ariel castro is well over. gina and her mom are planning a quick summer vacation, want to get out of town for a little while, matt, but it is remarkable how much space and time this community is giving these women to heal.