TODAY   |  June 03, 2013

10 things to read, wear and drink on the beach

Kate Dimmock of People Stylewatch shares the top ten things you should try in June, including Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book “Sisterland,” sparkling wine in a can, and patterned flip flops.

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>> things you want to try in june when it comes to beauty, fashion and entertainment.

>> kate dimmick is the fashion director from "people's style watch." the grills is my favorite part of summer.

>> june 16th , we brought you the quirky grill tool like the swiss army knife , it can grip, flip, serve, cut. and it's kind of quirky.

>> wow that's a weapon, too.

>> when people are not behaving but you can find it on amazon for $29.99.

>> here's hee fake turning fake chicken on a fake fire.

>> it is real chicken but been sitting there a while so it looks fake.

>> canned wine?

>> a sparkling infused with wine and called pampelonne, nice for a picnic by the pool. it's your warning wine.

>> i'll check my man card at the door.

>> $15 for four so it's great for the beach or something like that. the hot read this summer is a book from curtis sittenfeld called "sisterland" it's about the twin psychic thing.

>> i've heard a lot.

>> now they're in their 30s and what that is in the real world , coming out the 25th of june.

>> claire , good book.

>> tough job, claire .

>> and the shades as well.

>> this is the moment to invest in sunglasses, summer's here, you need to protect your eyes and one trend we're loving at "people style watch" is the lucite frame with tinted lenses. we love the ones on claire because color is big in sunglass this is season. this is a mix of dkny envogue e eyewear from $69 to $99.

>> you need a straw bag to carry the accessories.

>> this is a fun summer trend, the straw bag you can carry it around the city and they tend to be good price points . even this one on the table from old navy is $15. it's a fun trend and not too expensive.

>> good to carry your canned wine. . exactly and your book.

>> she's also wearing another trend the ear cuff. that's new in jewelry.

>> this is the hot celeb trend is the ear cuff. notice the singular. no two happening. it goes on the outside of the ear, this is from bcbg and it's $24. it's a chic look at the moment.

>> is that uncomfortable?

>> no, it goes on the outside of your here so you don't have to have pierced ears to do it.

>> very nice i like it, very cool. flip-flops.

>> flip-flops from ipanema, a brazilian company. this is if you've already got your basic flip-flops they are embellished and in patterns, about $18 to $30, studded so it's beyond the flip-flops. they're a great summer find and i want to point out christine this dress, this is the collaboration of the moment, a cool design seem called sunow who do crazy prints and colors, and this is about 40 bucks so a great price for a unique dress.

>> you find it at uiniqlo.

>> this is textured nail polish i'm modeling, the hot trend of the moment. kind of like a kid you put glue and glitter on your nails but this is the must have of the moment, these are from zoya, pixie dust for $9. it also dries really fast. i heard people are now doing chalkboard nail polish . we'll do that next segment.

>> okay, all right. and last but not least the summer scarf.

>> there you go.

>> accessory.

>> if you just got on a t-shirt and jeans this amps up your look, these are from loft $34.50. see already that color.

>> i'm always chilly and cold like right now in here it's freezing so it's an extra something.

>> gives you a pop of color.

>> love it, great stuff. thanks