TODAY   |  June 03, 2013

4 dogs, 1 kitten get primped as they hope for homes

TODAY animal advocate Jill Rappaport introduces four adorable pups and one cute kitten who all get makeovers in the hopes of finding families.

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>> wow" we clean up shelter animals and find them loving homes. jill rappaport is back.

>> we have a very long way to go as i always stress there are currently 7 million companion pets in shelters across the country, many will never make it out and that is just truly unacceptable. especially when you see our furry angels today. come on and dance

>> we call this dancing poodle jt, either for justin timberlake or john travolta .

>> does. he's a 3-year-old maltese mix.

>> beautiful boy and just the right amount of energy for at home and on the dance floor . here's our second dog, with the disappearing eyes, underneath, there they are, this sweetheart is bella who is still basically a puppy, just turned a year old.

>> she's a shihtzu mix.

>> sadly every month the cages are chock-full. amazing ones like this little angel , hello. this is jazz.

>> 3 months old and very playful but just look how she snuggles up to you.

>> someone looking for a whole lot of love is going to get it with noodle the poodle, a lab r labradoodle.

>> she's only 1 1/2 so she has a little more growing to do.

>> she seems to be mellow, strong but a good girl.

>> she has a great temperament.

>> don't let this fence deceive you. this little puppy just jumped it. this is gizmo, and he has just got a ton of energy.

>> only 10 months old, a playful puppy, a cairn terrier mix.

>> a beautiful boy in great shape. yes you are. ooh! playful!

>> as always we're joined by the man you saw, richard gentile from animal care and control in new york city . good to see you.

>> nice to be here.

>> this is j.t., modeled by kathie lee give ford. well done.

>> thank you.

>> and he dances.

>> come on.

>> wow! he is a high energy dog because he keeps going and going.

>> around and around he goes.

>> 3 1/2-year-old maltese mix.

>> j.t. after justin timberlake or john travolta . around and around.

>> thank you, well done.

>> thank you.

>> our second dog is bella brought out by miss hoda kotb .

>> very cute.

>> you start to pet her she rolls on her side and loves to have her belly rubbed. she's a little shy at first when you first meet her and warms up quickly and she would be good with an experienced dog owner.

>> a year old shihtzu. let's go to the cat category, natalie is holding jazz. tell know about jazz.

>> he's very active but can calm down and relax in your lap, purrs way, only 3 months old.

>> so cute, look at those eyes.

>> there's so many cats that need to be adopted and this is a busy time of the year for us.

>> situation is worse than the dogs.

>> exactly.

>> natalie, thank you. back to the dogs here, gizmo, a 10-month-old terrier mix. savannah are you okay?

>> yes, no problem.

>> gizmo is the puppy of the group.

>> this one will jump to the sky.

>> he's very shy when you walk him on the street but he would be good in a family with older kids, easily trained he's very smart.

>> he's being very mellow. he's extremely --

>> he's having a bit of a hair day.

>> thank you very much. finally a special guest joining us, this is noodle with stephen king . tell us about noodle.

>> it's not cujo, stephen.

>> no, this is noodle.

>> ed intole is a labradoodle mix.

>> opposite of cujo, so mellow and easy to please, goes along with the flow. our foster parents says it's the most special dog they've adopted.

>> he has a rescue court so maybe number two, what do you think?

>> richard, jill, thank you. thank you to all the dogs.