TODAY   |  June 03, 2013

Plan out 4 healthy, family-friendly dinners

Save time this week by planning your meals in advance with a little help from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. He shows how you can whip up four delicious and healthy dinners, including chicken enchiladas and poached fish with ratatouille.

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>>> we are back at 8:45 with your "mapped out weekly meals." we have you covered with four family friendly recipes. mark bittman is a "new york times" columnist vor of "vb6." i like these recipes they're leftovers but it's distinct. we have all regional flavors going on.

>> the mapped out meal, "today's" show idea is really great which is cook two things and turn them into two other things so it's sort of planning to use your leftovers.

>> let's get to our first recipe, stewed vegetables, tomatoes and beans with cous cous . even i can make cous cous .

>> a kid could make cous cous because you don't really soak it. you put kuskus cous cous in a bowl and then stir, cover, ten minutes later, it's done.

>> i really enjoy the fluffing part of it, i don't know why. it just makes me happy. then what do we do?

>> we're making a kind of vegetable stew that we'll later turn into a ratatouille with fish, to start, saute peppers, onions, garlic, et cetera . this is a lot of food but remember this is really two meals so we're going to put in cans of cooked beans, a lot, some cut up zucchini.

>> you're using canned tomatoes . i'm shocked.

>> i love canned tomatoes you only get good tomatoes a couple months a year but canned tomatoes are always there and wonderful. i have no problem with canned tomatoes . so this cooks a while, salt and pepper , et cetera , and you wind up with this and half of it goes into a lovely platter with the cous cous and some basil.

>> hwe're shaving halaving half.

>> for two days from now.

>> next, chicken with cilantro and lime.

>> this is a simple broiled chicken dish, make a rub, a little bit of cayenne and oil enough to make a paste.

>> you can grill or broil this chicken .

>> the idea is to get chicken that is beautifully browned like that. so when you have the paste, the drill, you rub it on the chicken , you broil or grill the chicken over fairly low heat for 20, 30 minutes until you have something that looks like this.

>> voila.

>> and when you have something that looks like this you take half of it or so and move it over to serve it.

>> what are we saving from this?

>> we're saving this and you save the other half of it. so we're saving this, it's getting complicated.

>> for wednesday.

>> saving this for wednesday, chicken enchiladas. you take the meat off and combine it with some green salsa, which you can make yourself or buy, roll them up and bake with some scallions and cilaro, a little cheese on top. this is the best meal of the week. these are really beautiful.

>> this was my favorite as well. what kind of cheese did you use?

>> any crumbled cheese is good but mexican cojito is nice, feta, anything that's crumbly is great. you can use mozzarella and sour cream.

>> you used corn tortillas but flour is okay, too. finally thursday, beans come back.

>> with some eggplant, we cook it with some eggplant and you can cook it with eggplant and poach some salmon or any other fish right in that ratatouille.

>> you cook the bean mixture again?

>> i added some eggplant to it to beef it up or vegetable it up a little bit and then poached the salmon directly in there. so you have this wonderfully flavored vegetable broth with the salmon on top and all these great vegetables.

>> looks great, mark bittman , thank you so much. we should mention you can find the recipes, complete shopping list on our website and to