TODAY   |  June 03, 2013

Angelina Jolie makes first appearance after surgery

The actress walked the red carpet at the premiere for “World War Z,” Brad Pitt’s latest film, after undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, saying she is “moved by the kindness and support” she has received. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> half hour with angelina jolie stepping out at the premiere of brad pitt 's new movie. this is her first public appearance since she revealed she had a double mastectomy. michelle kosinski is in london this morning.

>> reporter: " world war z " is a zombie film. they wore all black but the feeling they projected was personally triumphant. angelina jolie is back after undergoing a month's long ordeal starting in february, having major surgery, both of her breasts removed to reduce her risk from around 87% to under 5%. on the red or rather black carpet for fiance brad pitt looking strong, smiling, crowd thrilled to see her with messages, get well soon, you are our hero. emotional for both of them.

>> he's been extraordinary. he's such a wonderful man and a wonderful father and i'm very lucky. i've been happy to see the discussion of women's health. after losing my mom i'm grateful for it and very moved by the kind of support from people, really very grateful for it.

>> are you feeling okay?

>> yes, feeling fine, thank you.

>> i have such respect for her, we've known this is coming for some time and she takes it, takes it by the horns, not to get emotional but she means the world to me.

>> reporter: he called jolie heroic for getting the gene testing . her aunt's funeral was the same day at the premiere but jolie chose to be here at pitt's side.

>> i'm super proud of her. she's a bad ass .

>> reporter: she wants all women to be able to afford testing and know their options, if they need to do what she felt she had to. so what about this movie that has gotten press for delays, changes and a budget of more than $200 million, brad pitt describes it as accident, the zombies have become a global pandemic, a story of survival and protecting what is truly important. savannah?

>> all right, michelle kosinski in london thank you. i think what happened on the red carpet before the movie was a lot more exciting and inspiring. it's great to see her looking so good.