TODAY   |  June 03, 2013

Dangerous storms travel from Midwest to Northeast

Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and high winds moved through sections of the Northeast last night, the remnants of violent storms that caused tornadoes in Oklahoma over the weekend, killing 13 people. Al Roker reports.

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>>> first al is at the weather channel 's headquarters in atlanta this morning. good morning to you. busy weekend for you.

>> it really has been, and this whole system that's been causing problems, it's been a slow moving system and that's being the big problem as high pressure blocks it. it has taken its time and guess what? it's not done yet. a lightning strike blew the bark off this tree then sent it crashing into a new jersey home.

>> like a car exploded and then i heard it again and my husband started screaming to get out of the house.

>> it's part of the same system that caused flash flooding in arkansas and kentucky and spawned tornadoes with winds of more than 150 miles per hour, as seen here knocking over a big rig . residents in the oklahoma suburb of el reno are still cleaning up after a storm there killed 13 on friday, including three veteran storm chasers . tim samaras, 55, a leading storm chaser , and founder of the tornado research company twistex was killed along with his 4-year-old son, paul, and meteorologist carl young . severe storms also swept into neighboring missouri. authorities confirming there at least three other deaths in flooding triggered by the violent storms .

>> i got a little shelter downstairs right underneath the steps, underneath the front door. by the time i got there and started pulling the door, boom. no freight train , just boom.

>> and there's going to be more of that today, but for the east coast , this system is lined right up along the coast along i-95, it's going to continue to train heavy showers, thunderstorms into the area, so flash flooding is going to be a problem. now the other area that we're watching, another area of strong storms from valentine all the way down to lubbock, including parts of oklahoma that have already been hit hard with this system, supercells may develop, damaging wind, hail, and we cannot rule out a tornado or two as this system makes its way. as you can see over the next 24 hours things fire up and we're going to be looking at big problems from oklahoma city , wichita falls , lublubbock, all the way up into the plains, but hopefully no more tornadoes. we're continuing to track this and we've got development in the caribbean as you know, willie, the hurricane season began on saturday and we've already got something the national hurricane center is investigating. willie in.

>> just relentless there in the midwest. al we'll talk to you again in a couple of minutes.