TODAY   |  June 01, 2013

Digital trends: New tablet and apps, cutting Internet cord

TODAY’s digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong has this week’s digital developments, including the latest in tablet technology, new photo apps for your phone, and growing number of people disconnecting their Internet services and relying on Wi-Fi.

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>> all right, kate. thanks. this morning, we've got mario 's top three. the digital lifestyle . mario armstrong rounded up the biggest story of the week in gadgets, apps and social media .

>> good morning.

>> i want to tell you about people finding all nat ways for video entertainment. getting rid of cable and watching hulu and things on the internet. now folks are cutting the internet account.

>> cutting the internet at home. your option is to find local caves, find hotels with access. public places . libraries, places where you can plug in for free.

>> go wireless.

>> some people are just using their phones. people are saying wait, i carry my phone throughout my house. why can't i do facebook and e-mail from the phone.

>> but you pay data charges on that.

>> you do.

>>> my advice to folks, if you are cutting the internet and save the money from the cable bill or bundling, first thing is make sure you're a light user. e-mail, facebook, light researcher. buy the unlimited data plan on your cell phone because you'll get in trouble. last but not least, look for the hotspots to know where in your area you can get --

>> you know the speed can vary in places. slow sometimes.

>> stealing from your neighbor is not good.

>> an ordinary tablet but it's waterproof. it's goodbye the pool.

>> absolutely. it's lightweight. it's summertime. this is a sony tablet. z i want you to hold this. one thing you should notice right away is lightweight.

>> it is lightweight.

>> and thinnest.

>> how do you get if wet.

>> all the ports are pretty much sealed with rubber flaps.

>> we're going to demonstrate this in real time here. something you could do accidentally is take your cup of coffee and spill it right on the tablet.

>> nice.

>> so yeah. up to three feet for 30 minutes . this could be fully immersed in water and still work.

>> not that you want to do that. the point is, it would be good for the splashes and that sort of thing.

>> if you're using tablet underwater something else is going on.

>> nobody has photos in their -- when is the last time somebody handed you a photo.

>> you can keep that one of my beautiful wife. this is a app called kick send. we take a lot of photos on our phone. do we ever print them out?

>> rarely.

>> right. within an hour, i was able to take photos on my phone, use the kick send app. send it to a nearby walgreens or cvs. knowing my gps of where i was, i picked up my prints in an hour.

>> these are high quality prints?

>> high quality. they don't change the resolution from on your phone as well. you can send it to a friend's house. an event at a party or reception. you could take photos then and there and in an hour, pick them up and hand them out.

>> it's called kick send.

>> very cool.

>> mario armstrong. three winners.

>> i'm not going to dunk my pad any time soon. if i ever was, that's the one i choose.

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