TODAY   |  June 01, 2013

More severe weather possible Saturday

Dylan Dreyer tracks where the storms may be heading this weekend, from Texas to Ohio.

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>>> lester, it is still going on. tornado season is still happening. is severe weather headed elsewhere today? dylan dreyer is tracking the storms for us.

>> good morning, kate. we have a similar setup. the storms will not be as strong today but yesterday the setup was such that we had extreme chances for these storms to just get out of control. this looks like a busy map. but it was a very busy atmosphere yesterday. all the red arrows coming in off the gulf of mexico , that indicates where that moisture, that very humid, unstable air was. if you imagine the atmosphere in layers, each layer of the atmosphere has wind coming in at different directions. so that created the rotation in the atmosphere that ended up resulting in these very powerful tornadoes. rain is another issue. even though we don't have tornado warnings in effect just now, you can see the torrential rain and the severe storms coming across oklahoma with a lot of lightning. we still could see strong wind gusts and some hail. we're going to see that threat of stronger storms from texas right up into cleveland, ohio. although, yesterday we had a moderate risk of severe weather and strong risk in the oklahoma city area. today it's just a slight risk. and then tomorrow it slowly spreads east. until this cold front clears the country, by sunday night into monday, we're still looking at the threat of some very strong