TODAY   |  May 31, 2013

10 strategies for long-term weight-loss success

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom says to keep off extra weight, you should keep track of the food you eat, be mindful of portion control, and boost your protein.

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>>> time to drop ten pounds by memorial day . that's a little weird since memorial day soefr. but whether you've worked hard to lose ten pounds or two, it's not always easy to keep it off.

>> here to help you is today nutritionist and dietician, madeline fernstrom.

>> it's just as hard to keep it off. every time the scale doesn't go up, that's a good thing. stay connected and get a scale and keep track of your eating. whether it's your mental day-to-days, you're writing it down or a food app.

>> it makes you realize how much you're putting in your mouth.

>> that's right. and pay attention always to portions. and make it easy on yourself. small glasses, small plates and look for healthy things like fruits. size of a baseball, meal replacement.

>> that's how big an apple will be.

>> but apples won't kill you. they're good for you.

>> but if you don't need the calories, three big apples, 300 calories.

>> wow, madelyn, that's too much.

>> let's try to eat a little less often. instead of grazing constantly, plan three meals but divide them up. let's say this is for dinner, 5:30, you want a snack, have a soup and your main dish and save this for a snack later. but don't think of it as eating ten mini meals, set three meals and go from there. you're always going to eat less. everybody needs a treat. once a day or once a week. it's different for everyone. there's no magical foods, a lot of health food imposters, pick what you like. it might be a glass of wine. frozen dessert. it might be candy, salty crunchy. it might be a soda. pick one thing that you like, pick something.

>> in a week or in a day?

>> in a day. i think it's good for every day.

>> i think every day is good. because it's a little reward to yourself and sometimes a little reward with food can be a good thing.

>> you know what adds up though, twizleers?

>> then choose something else.

>> no, madelyn, want the twizzlers!

>> don't mess with her.

>> don't mess with me.

>> three or four times a day, stick with a protein thaw like, as long as it's lean, fish, tuna, milk, eggs, dairy.

>> sardines on a thick cracker with mustard.

>> i love that.

>> munching into it.

>> it's delicious and healthy.

>> that is good.

>> unusual. i'm not sure how many people will follow that advice.

>> it's so delicious. for dinner sometimes.

>> and smart carbs, not low carbs, fruits and vegetables are nature's original carbohydrates. starchy carbohydrates, downsize, skinny bread, a half a cup of rice.

>> she said carbohydrates.

>> carbohydrates. or things like quinoa that have protein and fiber, but don't fill you out. keep your hands busy without food. you can have these little sweeteners, low calorie . squirt it into water. if the water is boring. then you might like to have -- you might keep your hands busy, you can knit, make a scrapbook in your spare time .

>> has it come to this?

>> so you don't eat!

>> don't eat everything you love.

>> this is really going to -- you're going to be so happy.

>> and exercise at the end.

>> and make yourself a scarf to remind you of all the stuff you missed in your life.

>> let's forget about the food and go for activity.

>> you can do something cardio, you can do strength training and yoga. get one of these cushions and if you sit on them, you it maeks your posture better.

>> and get your rest.

>> if you have questions about keeping off the weight and making healthy choices, ask madelyn right now on our facebook page.

>>> and adorable hair styles.

>> little girls and their curls, they love their long locks, but the summer heat and